SFPD ShotSpotter Shows Where the SFPD Fired Ten Times at Kenneth Harding on July 16th, 2011 in the Bayview

Caroline Chen has some more details on the shooting of Kenneth Harding on July 16th, 2011 in Bayview’s Mendel Plaza near 3rd Street.

The SFPD’s Shotspotter* map indicating the order and location of triangulated shot locations:

Click to expand

Here’s a bigger picture via Google Maps:

The distance across the street from the place where Kenneth Harding fell from the location where shots 2-8 were fired is about 55 feet.

One protest is at 5:00 PM on July 19th and the Community Meeting is at 6:00 PM on July 20th.

*A Shot Spotter sensor looks one of these things, most likely:

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7 Responses to “SFPD ShotSpotter Shows Where the SFPD Fired Ten Times at Kenneth Harding on July 16th, 2011 in the Bayview”

  1. jeff says:

    I have a photo of them installing one at 7th and Market..I asked him about it


    the technology isn’t new..It’s called ‘triangulation’


    it’s also used to pinpoint wifi connections…any radio signal can be triangulated, which is exactly how the FCC can shut down guerrilla radio transmitters (I was trained on this in the military)…top secret, shhhh…hehe

  2. snooty says:

    the aerial satellite image is VERY helpful. do you think you could also include the starting point (muni stop) so we could get more of a sense of the entire scene? i’m trying to imagine how he was confronted at muni, fired the weapon, ran, and caught bullets as he ran. how could all of that happen in 6 seconds?

  3. sfcitizen says:

    You know, that’s as much as I know. I assume that you can work backwards from there to the platform in the middle of 3rd street to where the detention began, but I don’t know.

    Maybe the Opera House (coincidentally, the meeting place for the community yesterday) camera has some more info?


  4. sfcitizen says:

    That looks to be it. I assume that Harding ran from 3rd street past the sharp edge of the triangular building…


  5. snooty says:

    thank you both. i’m surprised that a schematic of the whole scene hasn’t been drawn up and printed in the paper, along with start/finish, shotspotter points, and the location of harding’s alleged gun.

    i could be assuming too much, but i thought that the recording and the shotspotter map were used to suggest that harding fired the first shot (it was softer, and preceeded the other shots by 2 sec). presumably, the remaining 9 were shot by the police. if this is so (and maybe it isn’t), how could harding have shot at the police and shot himself while running, or while falling?

    do we yet know how many bullets the officers fired?

    things are so convoluted now.

  6. Earnán says:

    Nothing “convoluted” here.

    Bad guy shoots at cops.

    Bad guy gets shot to the ground by good guys,

    One less Obama-voter, happiness all around, ‘cept among the ghetto rats.

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