Word From the Street: The Passion Cafe on 6th Street in the Mid-Market Will Remain Open Under the Same Ownership

This has gone back and forth for a while, but today, the owner of the Passion Cafe has made a commitment to staying on 6th Street and operating business as usual with no plans to sell.

So this photo is now out-of-date:  

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Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Thank you, all.

After the wonderful altruistic support we’ve had since and before the incident at Passion Cafe, we’ve decided against selling the restaurant.

Our initial goal was to create a change for the betterment of the residents in the Sixth Street corridor. After 35 years of building South of Market there had been one continuing desire and that was to bring change to Sixth Street which was festering throughout the SOMA neighborhood; as contractors, we took the most blighted building on the Street and we accomplished our goal and have encouraged many new businesses to use us as a model to bring their ideas to the Mid-Market, Sixth Street corridor.

No one could have predicted the economy, consequently we decided to operate Passion Cafe and we’ve had much success and have been lauded from State Senator Mark Leno and have received awards from City, State and Federal entities, too many to mention (except, thank you Supervisor Kim, S.F. Travel, CVE, Mayors Gavin Newsom and Ed Lee, Urban Solutions). The show of gratitude has been humbling.

It’s ironic that on the morning of the incident, I had come early to have someone hang a for sale sign early in the day as to be safe not to injure anyone below, if not for that I would never have been the recipient of a sad, deranged attacker. We had come to that decision feeling very proud of our accomplishment. We’ve survived, in large part, because of our supporters.

After a confusing period, I would like to put all speculation to rest and again, thank everyone for their continued support and encouragement. Passion Cafe will remain, amongst our new neighbors, from Burning Man to Twitter to the International Museum of American Art to all the other eateries we’ve encouraged to move to the new, vibrant Sixth Street and Mid-Market.

Please continue your patience, big things are on their way.”

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9 Responses to “Word From the Street: The Passion Cafe on 6th Street in the Mid-Market Will Remain Open Under the Same Ownership”

  1. jeff says:

    I’ll be darned….Personally I think it will get better when Pearls moves in, and Burning man

    it’s actually already getting better on Stevenson as more tech people movie in. I have not been able to capture a ‘crackheads of the day’ for over a month now..shocking but true

  2. Bluoz says:

    Passion Cafe to stay open on 6th Street…

    Passion Cafe has apparently decided to stay open on 6th Street under the same ownership after all Via the indubitable SF Citizen Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth: “Thank you, all. After the wonderful altruistic support we’ve had s…

  3. jeff says:

    erm, well the statement isn’t actually on the passion cafe blog..perhaps it was email?

  4. jeff says:

    aha, cool…here’s something from the archives, while they were still building it. It was a pawn shop before, and had a mural on it. I’ve never seen another photo of that mural


  5. sfcitizen says:


    Hey, are those yellow sidewalk grip things (that you can see in your first photo) still there at Stevenson? I fell down once about four years ago on Polk and now I see that they’re gone from Polk.

    They looked grippy but they were much less grippy in the rain than the regular sidewalk…


  6. The Tens says:

    In spite of the terrible experience I had at that restaurant, I’m glad it’s not shutting down. Unsolicited advice for the owner: Change the name of the restaurant, Passion Cafe is terrible… and hire a manager with experience at a top restaurant.

  7. jeff says:

    yes, those yellow strips are still there, and yes, they do get slippery in the rain…what they should have done is put that green stuff the have in the bike lanes. I forgot what it’s called, but there’s a website

  8. sfcitizen says:

    Wade Crowfoot told me that it was ironic that I slipped since they were added in for safety or something.

    Maybe they get oily,

    Anyway, they’re gone from Polk Street around City Hall, AFAIK…


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