The NIMBYs Just Can’t Win in 2011: Here’s a Blow-By-Blow Account of the AT&T U-Verse Utility Box Vote. Poor Comcast!

[UPDATE: And oh, yesterday’s vote at the Board o’ Supes will have no effect upon cell phone service in San Francisco, despite what some might tell you. Uverse is about TV and wired Internet and wired phone service, for the most part. It’s FttN, Fiber to the Node, bro-ham. It’s not Fiber to the Cell Phone Antenna, no, not at all…]

The selfish, aging, rich, white, property-owning NIMBYs of San Francisco are having a tough go of it in the 415 during 2011. I mean, we just had the approval of the Booker T. Washington Community Service Center and the (effective) approval of the King Edward II project and, now, a whole mess of utility boxes from AT&T.

Am I saying that San Francisco should “push projects into neighborhoods without input?”

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. The thing is though, even when you allow the NIMBY’s to give input before you start building a community service center or apartment building or brace of utility boxes, they’re still not happy.

Isn’t that funny?

Don’t you think that ugly people from San Francisco Beautiful had more than a little input on the long-delayed project to bring regular San Franciscans U-Verse Internet and TV and phone and WiFi service? (Way too much input, IMO.)

Anyway, Sunglint was all over yesterday’s action at the Board of Supervisors. See below. (Sunglint is not without strong feelings on the matter, so you’ve been warned.)

Is this an AT&T box? No it’s not. Should area NIMBY’s want it banned? Well, not if they want electricity:

Click to expand

Here’s an excerpt from Sunglint, who later goes into what was behind each pro-NIMBY vote:

“At approximately 4:45PST, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to affirm the exemption determination for AT&T’s once-in-a-century telephone infrastructure upgrade project, aka “Project Lightspeed.” This means that AT&T can now start to implement their plan to upgrade the telecom infrastructure in the city, with the goal of delivering higher-speed 24Mbs DSL service within all San Francisco districts. AT&T also calls this as “Uverse” which can be any combination of television, telephone, and internet.

The final proposal seems to allow 495 cabinets to be installed throughout the city of San Francisco by AT&T. Multiple potential sites for each cabinet location are to be evaluated. When AT&T seeks an excavation permit from the DPW, besides doing the usual permit stuff, DPW will also notify that site’s supervisor. Then, that supervisor signs an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with AT&T regarding the site, or one of the alternative sightings are considered. Something like that: the specific details seem fuzzy. There seems to be a formal and sane DPW appeals process, and a  my-supervisor-is-crazy-curve-ball appeals process.

Voting against were the following sorry lot of supervisors, with their comments below.

District 1: Eric Mar

District 3: David Chiu

District 5: Ross Mirkarimi

District 6: Jane Kim

District 11: John Avalos

Note to the supervisors listed above: I will be voting against you in future elections, geography permitting, and consider your conduct in this matter anti-internet, anti-technology, anti-jobs: death eaters, all! Here are specific comments.”

Get Sunglint’s summary of comments here.

All right, I have to go talk a suicidal Comcast executive down from the roof right now. He’s yelling, “Millions, millions, our precious monopoly is going to lose millions!”

Oh, and after the jump, a list of NIMBY fellow travelers, the people who don’t want you to have high-speed Internet and whatnot.

  • Alamo Square Neighborhood Association
  • Cole Valley Improvement Association
  • Dogpatch Neighbors Association
  • Dolores Heights Improvement Club
  • Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association
  • Castro/Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association
  • Corbett Heights Neighbors
  • The Forest Hill Association
  • Haight-Ashbury Improvement Association
  • Help McLaren Park
  • Lake Street Residents Association
  • League of Young Voters
  • San Francisco League of Conservation Voters
  • Liberty Hill Neighborhood Association
  • McKinley Square Community Association
  • Mission Dolores Neighborhood Assocition
  • North Beach Neighbors
  • Pacific Heights Residents Association
  • Planning Association for the Richmond
  • Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Association
  • San Francisco Tomorrow
  • Senior Action Network
  • The Sierra Club
  • Telegraph Hill Dwellers
  • Walk San Francisco
  • Union Street Association


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2 Responses to “The NIMBYs Just Can’t Win in 2011: Here’s a Blow-By-Blow Account of the AT&T U-Verse Utility Box Vote. Poor Comcast!”

  1. jeff says:

    jeezus, I remember AT&T promising FTTN 10 years ago in DSL Reports..That never happened and instead went with U-Verse, which I don’t want. Back then many people said they simply want better DSL speeds comparable to Europe 50-100mb/s

    Now if they really do FTTN this time in SF, they ought to at least be able to double the speeds, expecially for us downtowners since were all a little closer to the CO

  2. njudah says:

    it’s one thing to engage the public and make a project that works out well, it’s another where every person with an axe to grind can abuse the “EIR” process to stall things and either extort a goodie for them and/or their “non profit” or just want to block everything.

    Also, their actions have unintended consequences. Thanks to SF Beautiful, they’re helping cut Muni’s funding at a time when they can’t afford it by blocking ads and the like.

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