San Francisco Pedestrians are the Worst Pedestrians in the World: “Stay Behind Yellow Line, Use X-Walk to Cross Street”

I have no idea what happened in this incident here,* involving a serious head injury and a MUNI bus on Market Street, but check out Famous Akit‘s recent first-hand experiences of people who don’t know enough to stay behind the yellow line right here.

Da Law is the Da Law, both above and below ground, right?

Here’s how it works, peds, and this applies the world over, you need to stay behind the yellow line and leave that airspace free for people who are driving buses and taxis and cars and motorcycles and bicycles, and, I don’t know, skateboards and Segways.

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“Use X-Walk to Cross Street, Stay Behind Yellow Line, Use X-Walk to Cross Street, Stay Behind Yellow Line…”

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If you spend any time at all driving any kind of vehicle up and down Market Steet, you’ll know that, for some reason, San Francisco pedestrians feel:

1. It’s their innate right to jaywalk 24/7/365; and

2. There’s no reason for them to actually look for oncoming traffic before jaywalking because of #1 (see above), their innate right to jaywalk 24/7/365

The biggest threat to any pedestrian is the pedestrian him or herself, obviously.

And that goes double for the 415, home of the Worst Pedestrians in the World.

*I’m thinking that the initial reports of this tragedy had more certainty over what occurred. The ped in this case might be 100% not at fault. 

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4 Responses to “San Francisco Pedestrians are the Worst Pedestrians in the World: “Stay Behind Yellow Line, Use X-Walk to Cross Street””

  1. LS says:

    Far to the East there is a place known as New York City — you should journey there sometime.

  2. GG says:

    Totally agree. My biggest pet peeve is in the Financial District, where the lights are timed to go green for cars in one direction, green for cars in the other direction, then red for cars in both directions with walk signs for pedestrians green in all directions (including diagonally). This is so cars can turn right on the green without being blocked by pedestrians crossing. Yet so many pedestrians ignore the big, red “DON’T WALK” sign and cross on the cars’ green, oblivious to the fact that fellow pedestrians are standing there waiting to cross. Just frustrating.

  3. sfcitizen says:

    I’ve been to NYC. Seems that the peds there actually look before they leap, before they violate the law.

    Maybe the drivers there are worse than the drivers here, but our peds take the cake. Drive a bike inbound on Market during the AM rush and you’ll see…

    Oh, and yes, they call that all reds in both directions a pedestrian scramble or something in Japan. It’s tempting for peds on Montgomery to jump the gun…

  4. PCM says:

    agreed, sfcitizen: in my experience, pedestrians in nyc and other east coast locales are more likely to jaywalk, but they are at least safe and considerate about it. here in SF, it seems pedestrians either blindly obey the crossing signals (even when they can safely cross on red), or they just saunter through the crosswalk regardless of the signal or vehicle traffic.

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