Should Tour Bus Drivers Be Required to Follow Traffic Laws on the Streets of San Francisco?

[UPDATE: OMG, yes this is kosher, owing to the “Except Buses” sign what appears on the second no left turn sign that you can’t see because of the bus. I stand corrected. See Comments.]

I mean, is this Kosher?

As seen on Van Ness and Post:

Click to expand

I don’t think so.

Is this the designated route for this particular bus?

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4 Responses to “Should Tour Bus Drivers Be Required to Follow Traffic Laws on the Streets of San Francisco?”

  1. Sameer Bhansaki says:

    Isn’t a left turn allowed for buses/taxis at that intersection? He’s making a left off Mission St in SOMA, right?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Oh, I’ve updated the post to show that this is at Van Ness and Post.

    Some no left intersections say “Buses , taxis allowed,” but not this one, I don’t think…

  3. Bob says:

    At this turn the sign is located on the island so most people don’t see it while the bus is making it’s turn. I have had many people honk while making this turn but it clearly says (buses ok to turn left). Any driver who operates a big bus in San Francisco without abidding the law will get a ticket from SFPD.

    Next time you are out and about check out the intersections that allow buses and taxis to do this. With many of the large hotels located downtown if they did not allow this to happen it would cause much more traffic congestion for the buses to turn at the busy’er intersections.

    Its not easy to drive these big vehicle through the narrow streets of SF to begin with. Having driver’s making turns on these narrow streets will cause much more accidents. This is one of the reasons SFPD allows buses to turn at these bigger intersections.


  4. sfcitizen says:

    Thanks Bob, I will update.

    What I see on Google Maps is an “Except Buses” sign on the south side of the intersection (and not the north side of southbound Van Ness – that’s the one you can see in the photo.)

    So, no to taxis, yes to buses of all types…

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