Depeche Mode du Abaissez le Haight: The Fast Fashion of This American Apparel Ad in the Lower Haight

Andrew Dudley of the Haighteration blog has a heck of a gallery of the infamous American Appareal MUNI bus shelter ad what’s on the corner of Haight and Pierce.

Check it:

The eternal sunshine of the spotless American Apparel ad. 

Wow. Talk about fast fashion – this thing changes every day.

Now here’s the cleanest copy I have, sent in by a Gentle Reader:

Credit Anonymous (or just tell me how to credit this if you want me to change it – muchas!). Click to expand.

Personally, I think this whole charade is welcomed by the American Apparel.


(To wit, a bunch of American Apparellers are, once again, following this morning’s 415 drama from down in Los Angeles. It looks like this:

Domain Name  (Network)
IP Address 66.151.52.# (American Apparel)

AA just loooooooves this kind of stuff, IMO.)

Anyway, here’s my contribution, from a little while back:


I don’t have a clean image of this erbiquitous American Apparel bus stop ad campaign that’s all over the SFMTA’s MUNI property these days, but you probably already know what it looks like.

Anyway, this particular advertisement on the south side of Haight, around Steiner IIRC, was turning heads over the weekend.

See? It’s the most arresting ad in the world!

Click to expand

I can explicate with a close-up shot, but only after the jump, as this is a family blog (more or less).

OMG, is that blue menstrual blood? That’s not sexy at all!

And somebody cut out a pizza slice-shaped piece of felt and then glued it on? And there’s a playing card with red markings under there or something?

This ubiquitous ad campaign is rather in-your-face so I’m not surprised to see some kind of reaction, but boy, this one’s a doozie. (Frankly, I’m surprised that the SFMTA takes money from American Apparel, but when you’re trying to pay the highest-paid-in-the-world transit drivers something’s got to give, I s’pose.)

Click to expand

Ignoring the blue scribble above (I’ll tell you, KKKatie, for all her faults, well, at least her taggings were legible) it says:

“I sells this pussy fo da white man.”

Something along that vein, anyway.

On It Goes…

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2 Responses to “Depeche Mode du Abaissez le Haight: The Fast Fashion of This American Apparel Ad in the Lower Haight”

  1. RByR says:

    Yes, I was the one who sent you that top photo, but you can leave it as anonymous. I thought that you had forgotten about it.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Yeah, I got busy that day and somebody said they’d send a totally clean copy and that never occurred so oh well.

    Thx for your help.

    Actually, I saw it unmarred last week when they put her back up but I couldn’t take a photo then…

    I’m sure the daily alterations continue…

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