Does It Still Have Bedbugs? Hotel Whitcomb (or Hotel Whit.Com) nee Ramada Plaza at 8th and Market

So there I was out getting exercise by getting those Billy Elliot rush tickets at the Orpheum Theatre* and I noticed the new name for this old hotel.

See? I totally read that as Hotel Whit.Com, ’cause, you know, I’m not hooked up right:

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But then I thought, oh, the Hotel Whitcomb, is that the place where they might have changed the name owing to some issue with bedbugs?

Oh, here we go:

Downtown Bedbug Attack Costs Ramada $71,000

(I don’t know if I’d call this area “downtown,” but anywho, wow.)

Now, let’s hear from Kris Betz, Hotel Whitcomb Director of Operations, to get a (somewhat) canned response to quite recent allegations of infestation:

“19 July 2011

Dear Guest,

We are sorry for any discomfort that you may have experienced and we are very concerned about what happened. We want you to know that it is our highest priority to provide our guests with the cleanest rooms possible. We have a dedicated inspection team of trained staff that inspects all our rooms to ensure that these cases do not arise.

As you mentioned that you did not find any evidence, so it is possible you could have encountered them elsewhere. Please note that this incident has nothing to do with the cleanliness of our rooms. Please rest assured that this is not a reflection of our facilities cleanliness, as we take pride in providing excellent service and the cleanest accommodations, for all our guests.

Please feel free to contact me at your convenience so we may discuss any circumstances which may have occurred and please accept our sincerest apologies.

Kris Betz, Director of Operations”

I don’t know, man, I feel sorry for the Euros what stay at this place. They’re pretty much all attractive,** in-shape,** natural blonds,** who just want to have fun in the 415, you know, they just want to pose for photos with big American police cars and fire trucks and what’s so wrong with that? I feel sorry for them when they get shot and killed on Mason in Union Square or run over and killed by drunk drivers on Masonic or bitten 400 times by bedbugs during one stay. I kind of feel that we’re letting these people down. I feel we’re shirking our obligations to our tourists. 

If I were Director of Operations at Hotel Whitcomb, I would engage in total war with the bedbugs. And I wouldn’t write “Dear Guest” letters what discuss “possibilities” and “evidence.”

Just saying.

*Man,  for $40 a pop, that’s the best live entertainment value in town, although I think it’s kind of random how good the rush ticket seats are – down in the Orchestra, up in the Mez, who knows. Now,you gotta show up two hours before the performance (at least two hours, and still there’s no guarantee that they won’t be sold out) so that’s your classical price discrimination in operation right there. Anyway, the fun ends August 21, 2011.

30 tickets per performance will be offered at $40 per ticket.

  • Available 2 hours prior to curtain
  • CASH only
  • Orpheum Theatre Box Office ONLY
  • First come, First served
  • 2 per person

**Unlike me. 

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7 Responses to “Does It Still Have Bedbugs? Hotel Whitcomb (or Hotel Whit.Com) nee Ramada Plaza at 8th and Market”

  1. They Still Do says:

    THEY STILL HAVE THEM – We stayed there late Sept – EVERYWHERE – STAY AWAY – Its rampant and they pretend its not a problem.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    thx for the update. Sorry for your problem.

  3. Ari says:

    We booked three rooms – the rooms were on different floor and different wings of the hotel – bedbugs in all three rooms. This is from October 2012

    Rooms 607 – 778 – 763

    All rooms had bedbug protectors on the mattress and box springs with live bugs encased inside – however the hotel drilled the box spring legs and compromised the protection – the mattress encasement had big rips.

    This is the grossest hotel on the planet

  4. Betty Pennington says:

    I feel sick. I just returned from a salsa dancing convention held at the Whitcom. I had 2 rows of large itchy bites on my shoulder.

    I have never encountered bed bugs in my entire life but was suspicious and googled them as soon as I got home. I left my suitcase on the lawn and as soon as I confirmed bed bugs, I peeled out of my clothes (in the yard – we live in the country : )) and tossed every bit of it. Contacted Mr. Betz for $660 compensation for my loss and of course got the canned answer that it was my fault – I must have caught them on the airplane.

    Now I am seeing all the reviews about this horrible hotel and agree with it all. What a giant mistake. Live and learn. I will do more review checking before I stay anywhere “historic” again.

  5. ricardo says:

    they definitely have them and not just bedbugs also mice I was in this place with family that come to visit and a guest across my room asked me if I have seeing anything estrange running in the hallway and I said no I haven’t and she said she notice this mouse running in the hallway so if this is already in the floors I wonder how bad is in their kitchen because they have a restaurant or have any one ever see the condition of the restaurant I cant even imagine how gross that must be and I also live around the area where I have friend at the hotel holiday inn next to whitcomb but the time I rented the room holiday was sold out o had rooms only for a day or two so I asked my friend if he ever being in the whitcomb he said not but he heard horrible story’s from guest that ones stayed at this place so I asked like what kind of story’s and he said about this airline company that just to stay it at this hotel and apparently they had like a contract or something and the airline cancel o something like that happen because of bedbugs problem . .but he didnt told me how long it was about this .but when I star thinking about the scandal in the Ramada plaza maybe this is the reason why they remove the hotel names probably the Ramada company dont want this owner to use their name because it was named withcomb before so they probably barrow the name of Ramada and Ramada probably dont want a bad reputation

  6. Bill says:

    Kris Betz – YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. Bed Bugs everywhere. Do your job sir. You really should look into the mirror. One day this is going to really really hurt someone. BED BUGS EVERYWHERE.

  7. Jake says:

    This hotel is still crawling with bed bugs. We found dozens of live bed bugs in our room. Kris Betz is as gross as the bugs. Poor response.

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