If Mayor Ed Lee is All About Creating Tech Jobs in San Francisco, Why is His Website from a D.C. Firm?

Comes now TigerBeat, who asks:

“If @mayoredlee is all about creating tech jobs in SanFrancisco, why is his website by Washington DC’s bullseyeinteractive.com?”

A fair question, one might think.

Check it:

“Paid for by Ed Lee for Mayor 2011, Greg Sanborn, Treasurer, FPPC # 1340520

info (at) mayoredlee.com

Powered by Bullseye Interactive

Oh, and since I have the floor, was former Mayor Gavin Newsom a “Job Killer” when he signed the notorious and now-dead Twitter Tax into law in 2004? I think so.

I mean, didn’t we have stock options and tech companies back in 2004?

Yes we did.

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