Well, Here It Is, Video of the Entire Mayoral Forum at the Castro Theatre on August 8 – It’s BooFest 2011!

Via the always well-informed TigerBeat, comes news of this video just getting posted on YouTube.

It’s already a classic.

But, whatever you do, don’t even think about expressing your opinion about anybody who will play a role in possible future funding of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic (THC) Real Estate Empire:

If you’re mad Ed Lee is running for #sfmayor, do you think booing him at debates will help? All it does is galvanize the Chinese community.”

(Not that that matters, since Chinese people can’t vote for Mayor of San Francisco,* so no worries.)

Here it is, from Frankie2ubabe:

*Maybe for Board of Education, sooner or later…

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9 Responses to “Well, Here It Is, Video of the Entire Mayoral Forum at the Castro Theatre on August 8 – It’s BooFest 2011!”

  1. jeff says:

    the commenter on youtube ‘ideaview’ is david elliot lewis who is also employed by tenderloin housing clinic

    come to think of it, THC employees have been heavily involved in politics for years

    BTW, Tony hall has ben saying some stuff about supportive housing, but can’t quite understand verbatim yet

  2. jeff says:

    actually, if they are doing this on company time, they are violating city contract law


  3. Bluoz says:

    complete first mayoral debate 2011…

    courtesy of Frankie2ubabe and SFCitizen and as noted, Tenderloin Housing Clinic employees have their fingers all over it, including the youtube channel and if they are doing it on company time, they are San Francisco City contract law Part of the debat…

  4. Hi,

    I am the one who shot and posted the video. I am in no way affiliated with anyone other than my own self. I video these events so that people who can not make it, be them disabled or can’t get there, are able to see what they missed and judge for themselves.

    This is the first time I have ever inserted my own thoughts on any candidate but I feel every strongly about Ed Lee breaking his word thereby beginning his campaign with no integrity and asking us to, well just forget about that and vote for me anyway.

    I and I hope you as well are sick of this kind of behavior by our elected officials and are ready to say enough is enough.

    So please stop with the spreading of miss information I am nothing more than a fellow San Franciscan with a camera and a desire to see some truth in whats going on out there instead of a 3 minute bit on the news that is slanted in the direction of who’s paying them. No one is paying me…

    Thanks for watching the video and I hope it was helpful for many. :)

  5. sfcitizen says:

    Thanks Frankie. For the record and regardless of anything suggested by anybody, you are not affiliated with the Tenderloin Housing Clinic.

    Yes, it was all planned out back in January about how Ed Lee would run for election.

    Everybody appreciates your efforts here.


  6. Here is a link to my photos from this mayoral debate on Aug 8, 2011at the Castro Theater.


    Enjoy. Regards,
    David Elliott Lewis

  7. sfcitizen says:

    Thx! Looks like quite an evening….

  8. Thanks Citizen and thank you for posting the video and for what you do as well. :)

  9. jeff says:

    no no, I wasn’t talking about the person who made the video, I was talking about the 7 comments in a row all from david elliott lewis, who is an employee of tenderloin housing clinic. There isn’t any point where I said that Frankie2ubabe is an employee of THC so I don’t know how you managed to extrapolate that one

    BTW, thanks for deleting my comment on the youtube page where I said the exact same thing, that the commenter defending Lee “ideaview” is in fact, ‘david elliot lewis’ an employee of THC, a non profit directly benefiting from their relationship with Lee

    But we all know that corruption laws are just there to make the public think something is working

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