Uh, BART – Do You Really Know What You’re Doing When You Turn Off Cell Phone Service?

[UPDATE: Well, it turns out that BART shut down the cell phone antennas on their property. They didn’t use jammers.]

Zusha Elinson has the deets on what BART considers “a great tool” in the battle against cell phone use.

BART, I don’t think you know what you’re doing.

You screwed up TASER implementation by doing a half-assed job, right? Why is that LEAs all over the world have managed TASER programs successfully, for the most part, and you haven’t? Why is it that you’re world-famous for your halfway implementation of TASERs? And even now in 2011, you’ve got front-line officers some with TASERs and some not? And then, in a situation custom-made for a TASER, you kill a homeless guy and that’s A-OK? You don’t know how to handle mentally ill people, BART? Isn’t that sort of your job? Do you know who your customers are? Why are you a case study that other LEAs the world over can learn from? Why don’t you, BART, learn from other agencies? 

And yet, everything BART does is perfect? Per your spokesmodels, anyway.

Hey BART, why don’t you focus on terrorism and then just let me tell you when the next big BART shooting protest will occur? ‘Cause I know when they’re going to occur, and, you all, apparently don’t.

And BTW, do your phone jammers let 911 calls through? (That’s a srius question – I don’t know. ‘Cause, you know, I could totally get some parts from eBay or one of the Chinas (the One-Party State China or the other one) for like $100 and then soup it up and have it powered by a 12-volt car battery and put it in a backpack and walk around your stations. And that would be it – no cell phone calls or texting in or out. I’d shut it down, Charlie Brown. Oh, if I had a license. Hey, do you have a license, BART? Just crius. Anyway, what I wouldn’t be able to do is to let 911 calls through. Not dat tophisticated. :()

And BTW, do want an inventory of all the possible negative consequences of your cell phone policy? Because I could generate one real easy.

Keep on keeping on with your “great tools,” BART. Until the next time…

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One Response to “Uh, BART – Do You Really Know What You’re Doing When You Turn Off Cell Phone Service?”

  1. Ciairra says:

    BART is way off on thisl…do they realize that some people rely on cellphones to get rides to/from Bart? That’s a no-brainer!! Don’t you have any common sense? Oh but you’re pretty stealthy with those tasers, now aren’t you?! Not to mention your trusty sidearms!! People actually do business on their cells as opposed to annoying the crap out of he passenger next to them….and I think all those trash-talking no lifes SHOULD be kicked off Bart but it needs to be a case by case basis and WITNESSES must be present. Many people see how much of an asshole they can get away with by being on BART…this needs to be stop and BART needs to grow a brain!!!

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