“Promoted Tweets” – Is the God Damned SFMTA Paying Twitter to Get Its Tweets Promoted? Could Be…

I don’t know, you tell me, babe.

Here’s what happens now when you do a search for “sfmayor” on the Twitter right now.

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Now, the second entry you see there is what you’d expect. See? The KQED made a post using the hashtag #sfmayor just 4 minutes before, so you’d expect it to be up on top there. And the ones lower down are all in chronological order.

But what you’ll see on the very top is the sfmta_muni SFMTA account, crowing about how great the troubled and corrupt SFMTA is, perfectly coordinated with “Interim” Mayor Ed Lee’s media plan for election.

Is this normal?

I don’t know. (There’s lots I don’t know about the Twitter.)

Just seems funny that Twitter thinks I’d be interested in a nothingburger promotional Tweet from the worst-run agency in the City & County of San Francisco.

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