The Dahlia is the Official Flower of San Francisco, So Why is This Year’s Show in Freaking San Jose?

(You know what, girlfriend, I’m just raising the issue on this one, I don’t have all the deets.)

So, we’ve got the official flower of San Francisco busting out in Golden Gate Park right now, you know, a burst of late summer color just when most of the other flowers in GGP have gone away, and now I see that our big annual show, the American Dahlia Society National Dahlia Festival and Competition, is going to be way down there in San Jose this year on August 20-21?

So, we’ve got a whole bunch of dahlia sitting out there in Golden Gate Park (right there just east of the Conservatory of Flowers, you know that building what cost $25,000,000 to fix up) right now and we’ve got a Hall of Flowers Building right there near 9th Avenue and Lincoln as a place to host the show, as per usual, but we don’t have the show in 2011?

I cry foul.

What did you do, Rec and Park, drive away yet another event? You know, with your fees and whatnot?

I cry foul once again.

Anywho, here’s a big old bumblebee what just looooves our Dahlia Garden. But look out for that stinger – don’t mess with Texas!

Click to expand – Canon 1D Mark II with 70-200 mm 2.8 IS Classic with totally sick 500D close-up lens attachment (that I sure as Hell didn’t pay $400 for$100 is more like it, back in the day. Later on I got proper macro lenses…)

Speaking of which, we’ve also fee’d away other annual traditions, like when we sent the Love Parade over to the East Bay. You know, after just killing last year’s effort outright. Good-bye LovEvolution.

Looking at you, Rec and Park, looking at you, MayorWilleBrownGavinNewsomEdleeDowntown dynasty:

Via W. Kilinger’s Photostream 

Sometimes I just don’t know.


J’accuse J’accuse J’accuse!

What will we lose next?

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