How to Live in San Francisco Rent-Free for the Long Term – Just Get Yourself an RV, No Problem

Eventually, NIMBY homeowners, who, you know, have nothing against you personally but they just want you gone gone gone, will contact the authoritahs and here’s what they’ll do. They’ll send somebody over to knock on your door to see what you’re up to.

And here’s what you’ll do: NOTHING. And then the cops will leave. Easy peasy.

Eventually, you’ll get a colony going, you’ll be trading tips and laughing at the uptight NIMBY homeowners, you know, those impotent people.

You’ll be there for years, saving all kinds of money on rent, utilities and whatnot.

Baker, recently:

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4 Responses to “How to Live in San Francisco Rent-Free for the Long Term – Just Get Yourself an RV, No Problem”

  1. Kyle M. says:

    The RV in the center has been parked in the same place since 2002. It gets moved for street cleaning, but otherwise it’s there, 7 days a week.

    I try to take the tolerant view and just let it go, but people in this city get tickets and towed for far less. The difference is that they don’t live in their cars.

  2. sfcitizen says:


  3. Sylvia says:

    Just what r the people all thinking by opposing sleeping in vehicles or RV’s. This isn’t going to solve there issues. The homeless are not going to go away. We have to live, too. They have to find spots to sleep safely for themselves an their families. There are different class of homeless people, some choose to be homeless an there those that work even but not enough to afford housing. Yes, there are programs out there but, with the percentage for homeless is growing rapidly. People who had a life time savings an homes lost it all an that was caused by loosing there jobs before able to retire. There are many out there that are real live stories, but other people choose to be judgemental an put the homeless down, cause when your down an homeless you can’t shower everyday an change there cloths. So they have limited items they can carry with them. But the worst of it all an is a SD serious problem an that is not being to find a bathroom in time. People out here will do what they have to do no matter if u change the laws. Making it is what people’s have to do with the help or not. Having this law not being able to sleep in you vehicles or RV’s isn’t going to get better. Trust me it is only going to more situations an see how safe it will be then. Wow, get real an look around the homeless is going to out number those that are fortunate enough for now. But soon enough those that are bigger than thou will have to face it some day anyway. Solutions is what isiwe need. my suggestion is safe parking. Open up an huge parking space where people can camp out.

  4. Ray says:

    They make it seem like having cops bang on your door and harass you is not traumatizing. Sometimes they just ask you to move and go away, but often they bang as terrorizingly as they can then use intimidation to try and scare you into going where? Somewhere else where someone will immediately call them again and have them banging on your door! When you legally have 72 hours to be parked somewhere. It’s not so easy to be comfortable or sound in that kind of environment. One where you are constantly viewed as something less then a citizen and harassed endlessly. So some people park in these weird underpass bum communities where they are less likely to be bothered but then your living in a weird underpass bum communities. If only people could realize homeless or not everyone is your neighbor and calling the cops to terrorize them is not going to help you or anybody else.

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