Which Group Has Unlawfully Killed More People Recently – The BART Police or This List of Arrested BART Protesters?

Is that a fair question?

I assume that these people, listed below, arrested at this week’s Monday evening protest at or around the Big Four downtown San Francisco BART stations, have rap sheets that the SFPD and the BART Police know all about at this late date.

How many terrorists are on this list? How many murderers?

So BART, by now you should be well aware that you implemented your TASER policy in a poor fashion. Yes, you met the minimum hours of recommended training, just barely, but you screwed up other aspects of that program, right? (BTW, care to apologize for that sometime BART? It’s not too late.)

Anyway, you need to be extra careful about the things that you say these days, BART, right?

Because you’ve painted yourself into a corner at this point, and the only way out is for you to paint these hippies and art students and militant socialists as Madrid-style subway terrorists, you know, those people who literally used cell phones to kill, right?

So, are these arrestees Madrid-style subway terrorists?

I don’t know.

But you do.

Now, do I think that arrestees have a general right to resist arrest? No. And can I articulate facts about that evening in the defense of the BART Police? Yes. Nevertheless, this is Exhibit A in the case against BART and its half-assed TASER implementation:

So that’s at least one unlawful killing from Team BART. Compare that with the below.

The San Francisco Examiner’s list of recent arrestees:

Ryan Ragle, 27, Oakland

Nicholas Nydam, 19, Los Lunas, N.M. 

Blake Trisler, 22, Oakland

Gabriel Meyers, 34, Oakland

Samson Morrison, 37, San Francisco

David Batzell, 26, Santa Rosa

Kelly Taylor, 38, San Francisco

Kathryn Degraaf, 24, Oakland

Christa Sadler, 32, San Francisco

Dominic Pottker, 23, Berkeley

Celeste Obomsawin, 33, Oakland

Mohammed Arsalai, 29, Oakland

Kimani Rigmaiden, 19, Castro Valley

Philip Lonsdale, 24, Los Angeles

Eric Desouza, 29, Fremont

Gregory Fernandez, 27, Oakland

Brian Donovan, 21, Pleasant Hill

David Madden, 37, San Francisco

Ryan Jeter, 28, Richmond

Alonso Izquierdo, 18, San Francisco

Pierre Lucas, 23, San Francisco

Amanda Brown, 26, San Francisco

Robert Benson, 37, San Francisco

Kamaka Patrick, 18, San Francisco

Geoffrey Faubion, 36, Reno

Brandon Gilbert, 20, San Francisco

Ryan Marcel, 20, San Francisco

Robert Echevarria, 22, Portland, Ore.

Sean Yarbrough, 24, San Francisco

Jeffrey Auman, 56, San Francisco

Quincey Carr, 27, Oakland

Luke Belz, 18, San Francisco

Jennifer Boatright, 23, Portland, Ore.

Cameron Aoki, 19, San Francisco

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11 Responses to “Which Group Has Unlawfully Killed More People Recently – The BART Police or This List of Arrested BART Protesters?”

  1. john john says:

    Every time there is a riot in the San Francisco Bay Area, my neighborhood is flooded with these little twerps living off their parent’s money. They use my neighborhood as a staging area.

    Yes! Amongst them I am sure are few murderers. These kids and their Marxist (1970’s bombers) parents have been messing with me for about four years now.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    All right, well, I’m looking for unlawful killing on rap sheets. I assume that BART would have been sure to tell us about the terrorists they’ve arrested if that’s what they’ve done…

    Yeah, garbage cans used to blow up and school district administrators used to get assassinated four decades ago. Yep, that used to happen…

  3. Sameer Bhansaki says:

    What a stupid comparison. Really?

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Sure, why not.

    According to BART and BARTtv, BART is perfect.

    I still don’t know the answer to the question.

    Don’t you agree about the TASER implementation? BART is literally a textbook case, one that’s famous internationally as a poor implementation….

  5. Steamboat says:

    So as long as people don’t shoot anybody, they may do whatever they wish and the police shouldn’t be allowed to arrest them? Seriously considering why I’ve been subscribing to this RSS…

  6. sfcitizen says:

    All right, well i’ll give you a full refund, pro-rated of course, if you want.

    I think the BART Police should arrest them all when they hit the platform – I don’t know why they didn’t do that two weeks ago. These people want to get arrested. Maybe there’d be a lawsuit, who knows. Maybe BART would lose. Maybe that’s why BART prefers not to arrest people on the platform.

    Shutting off phone service was absurd. BART is exaggerating the dangers posed as a CYA thing, I don’t approve.

  7. Robert Benson says:

    “Robert Benson, 37, San Francisco” Doesn’t that look awesome? Another badge of courage for my collection. Stop killing the poor and stop interfering with the First Amendment!

  8. David Maddon says:

    Never been arrested here at all. Just recieved an honor from the Board of Supervisors. Lived at Turk & Taylor and have defended myself from muggers armed and unarmed, never had to kill anyone and never gave up a cent. I find it funny that when I have to walk down the middle of Turk Street to keep from getting a second hand crack high or mugged again the police don’t even notice and the crack heads and dealers don’t even fear them but when I walk down the middle of Market Street to Stand up for the US Bill of Rights I get arrested. One of the 35 arrested for speaking the truth.

  9. David Maddon says:

    I would like to see the kind of response to protect the children who live next door to get police protection while waiting for school.

  10. Jennifer Boatright says:

    I have no rap shet, nor am I a terriost/murder. I am a peace lover who is protesting against terroism.

  11. David Maddon says:

    We did what we had to do. I believe the law now state that BART must get a court order to shut down tele-communications. The First Amendment prevailed at least in this instance. Oh and my name is David Maddon of 149 Mason Street, San Francisco, Ca 94102

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