Best San Francisco Examiner Newspaper Cover Ever: “Art Money for a Dog Killer” Re: Central Subway Art

There’s no reason for me to read the actual bit, AFAIAC, ’cause I already don’t like our troubled CentralSubwayBigDigSubwayToNowhere.

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But as for you, enjoy.

Central T Subway: Connecting People, Connecting Communities, Giving Money to Dog Killers 

BTW, here are the policies for the ridiculous Central Subway blog, you know, in case it gets a reader or commenter some day.

“Central Subway is Phase 2 of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA) Third Street Light Rail Project.  It will operate as an extension of the T Third line and will extend light rail service with a surface stop on 4th Street near Brannan Street, and subway service under the South of Market (SoMa), Union Square and Chinatown neighborhoods.  The Central Subway project is a critical transportation improvement linking neighborhoods in the southeastern part of San Francisco with the retail and employment centers downtown and in Chinatown, and it will provide much needed and improved transportation to an under-served portion of the City.

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2 Responses to “Best San Francisco Examiner Newspaper Cover Ever: “Art Money for a Dog Killer” Re: Central Subway Art”

  1. Anita Carswell says:

    I love this cover. Can you make this page so it can be shared on Facebook?

  2. Karil Daniels says:

    When I first heard that San Francisco had awarded a $750,000 art contract for sculptures at the Central Subway to Tom Otterness, an admitted dog murderer who killed a dog he adopted in cold blood, filmed it, and called it “art,” I was overcome with sadness and outrage!

    This is totally unacceptable in San Francisco, a city known for its concern for animals. The Board of Supervisors, the MTA and the SF Arts Commission MUST find a way to rescind this contract and prevent $750,000 of our taxpayer money, (including taxes from many animal lovers) from going to this deranged monster. Smart lawyers can probably stop this by using a morals clause in the contract.

    Otterness killed a poor, innocent dog when he was an adult, at age 25, not when he was a clueless child of 6 or 8, or confused teen of 14 or 16.  As a young artist competing for attention and recognition in New York City, one of the most competitive art scenes in the world, he chose to get noticed by murdering a defenseless animal, filming it, and calling it “art.” This generated the controversy and attention he wanted, but it was a cowardly act that demonstrated his deplorable lack of character.

    At 25 our personalities and values are formed and we know what we’re doing. That act of dog murder reveals a violent, conscious-less man who DOES NOT DESERVE public support, but rather ostracism. 

    Otterness should have been prosecuted at the time to the fullest extent of the law, and he deserves all the hate and opposition he’s getting now.  His apology for this horrendous act is nothing more than lip service. Redemption and forgiveness demand more than empty words. Otterness – you need to accept some pain and atone for this crime with your time and/or money. You can make a big contribution to a dog rescue organization, or volunteer there for a year. Only then will your apology be convincing and genuine.

    New York and San Francisco are filled with thousands of talented and immensely creative artists, so there’s no doubt that a fine replacement artist can be found; one whose background is not stained with such despicable behavior. 

    We must not let this contract go through!  
    Sign here to demand the contract be rescinded:

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