1965 Page Street vs. Whole Foods Haight Street: “Bad Neighbors!” – A Kramer-esque Campaign

Well, it’s not much yet, but this is the biggest reaction I’ve seen so far to the relatively new Whole Foods outlet at the end of Haight Street near Stanyan.

Do you see this Kramer-esque sign hanging off the back of 1965 Page? It’s new.


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Cf. Cosmo Kramer vs. Kenny Rogers Roasters, Inc.

Now I don’t know what these NIMBYs paid for that sign but I’d imagine something like hundreds of dollars. Most passersby weren’t aware of it, cause of how and where it’s hung. But go to the northeast corner of the parking lot and then look northeast and you’ll be sure to find it. (WF employees were doing just that yesterday afternoon, having a laugh.)

MisssAnthrope49 has the details on YouTube.

And I guess that this is the FaceBook page?

Whole Foods Inc Bad Neighbor :-(” “This page is for those who have unresolved neighborhood noise issues with Whole Foods Markets, Inc. Please share your experience, links, pictures, videos. Invite others, anywhere in the universe. Support your local markets.”

(You don’t have a website yet, NIMBYs?)

Now, I’ll tell you, the parking lot at this Whole Foods fills up with regularity, cause it’s too small. (And that’s just the way “the neighbors” or the Planning Department or somebody wanted it to be. By design.) So I don’t know how the people who wanted a small parking lot have the right to complain about a small parking lot. Anyway, the way Trader Joes Masonic handled the parking issue was to take over parking spaces on the right side of southbound Masonic in partnership with the City. (I mean, first you’ve got to exist, and then you can address the issues what pop up, that’s how you’ve got to do it.)

The parking lot attendants at this particular WF will direct shoppers into non-existent spots in front of the store, you know, in order to pack the largest number of cars into the lot. Of course there are signs telling drivers not to block Stanyan, but nobody pays attention to them.

We’ll just have to wait to see how this one turns out.

In the meantime, meet your new NIMBY neighbors, so far:

Susan Leas LathamLeda Nevin AguirreHolly EdsonSoumyaa Kapil BehrensJohnson HorTed DeLongVanessa PictonGabriel HaalandKenneth HeikkilaFran GentryLoraine Cruz CummingsDarlene PolankaMichelleNoel WelchElizabeth KirchnerRichard IvanhoeDickie Clark

Oh, and here’s something that people actually noticed, back in the day, on Stanyan:

This building on Stanyan can be seen from all over, so it would be a better location to launch an anti-grocery store campaign, IMO.

Oh well.

And nascent NIMBY’s, the time to attack Progress is before the gro sto goes in. I mean, did you expect the parking lot to be empty all the time? Did you expect the food to be teleported in via Wonka-Vision?

Oh well.

To close, here are some palliative cliches from Whole Foods itself:

“Sent: Thu, August 25, 2011 7:02:26 PM
Subject: RE: HVAC at 690 Stanyan Street

Whole Foods Market Haight Street store has received your concerns regarding HVAC noise. We take all our neighbors’ concerns and questions seriously and work to accommodate requests whenever and wherever possible. The neighborhood we serve is extremely important to us and we want to be a good community member.  We had our HVAC service company come to double check that all the adjustments that we have made the past few months were still up to par . There were only two minor adjustments needed.

While we are within the legal limits for noise required by the city, Whole Foods Market Haight has made many adjustments in response to HVAC inquiries, including:
o   We reprogrammed the HVAC system to shut down between 8PM and 8AM to reduce noise when people are home
o   We also changed our thermostat settings two degrees lower so the heat would kick on later in the morning
o   We installed sound dampening devices on all our rooftop condensing fans
o   We had our own acoustic, electric and HVAC engineers come out to test and fine tune our system for noise reduction and ensure we were within our legal limits
o   Additionally, we had the Department of Public Health Environmental  Services come back out to re-test and ensure we were operating within the legal limits

While the adjustment to any new neighbor may take some time, we truly hope we can peacefully co-exist with our neighbors in the Haight”

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13 Responses to “1965 Page Street vs. Whole Foods Haight Street: “Bad Neighbors!” – A Kramer-esque Campaign”

  1. GG says:

    I’m sure the many people I know who live in that neighborhood and are ecstatic about that Whole Foods opening are going to give a shit about whether some NIMBY neighbors are bothered by compressor noise… If I lived nearby this would actually make me more likely to shop there. :)

  2. SFOG says:

    I am guessing it was awfully quiet when there was no supermarket, now not so much.

  3. Billy says:

    And this is how people spend their time?
    Check the facebook page! its hilarious. This “SUSAN LEAS LATHUM” certainly has no idea how to live a normal life, other than making a big stink about unimportant matters. Walk down Haight Street any day, there’s delivery trucks everywhere and loud noises.

    Grow up and worry about something IMPORTANT.

    I saw this sign today, and had a real good laugh. The best part is that someone actually spent money on that banner. What a joke.

    San Francisco certainly has its weirdos….I mean characters.

  4. NextDoorNeighbor says:

    hahah! You all would be singing a different tune if you lived next door to this box store. Clearly you don’t understand the issue, ie it ain’t about this corp doing business, but about being a half way decent neighbor. yep, that 4am delivery…as posted on YouTube: Whole Foods Bad Neighbor might get to you after a few weeks. let alone months. Seven days a week, 4am.

    BTW: we did make them change those deliver hours…they were cited for civil and criminal code violations.

    Good job all the Neighbors who stood up to Whole Foods Corporation and made the neighborhood a better place to live. The banner is well worth the pennies it cost.

    Support you local, family owned biz.

  5. sfcitizen says:

    I wouldn’t care if I lived next to Whole Foods. Or next to a helipad, for that matter. I avoid local, family-owned biz so it all evens out…

  6. NextDoorNeighbor says:

    So sorry you are so clueless. You don’t know what you are talking about, just another Blah Blah Blah Blog.

  7. sfcitizen says:

    Let’s see here, I think you’re a NIMBY, a term which you should embrace, and yet somehow I’m wrong about that. And I posted a photo of your wacky, Kramer-esque neighbor’s ridiculous sign and that’s blah blah to you.

    OK fine.

    Lots of people would like to live next to a WF. Perhaps Walnut Creek would be more to your liking?

  8. My banner says:

    Glad you like my banner. BTW, our landlord paid for it. You see, he’s lost three tenants so far due to pre-dawn noise and 24-hour lights. Anyway, we all shop at the Haight Street Market. Same organic produce for half the price–and they employ 50, 48 of which live in the city. Keeps the money in the community, don’tcha know!

    >I wouldn’t care if I lived next to Whole Foods.

    Trust me, pal, if you lived next to this racket, you’d be a NIMBY, too–seeing as you bitch about every little thing about this city that irritates you. Back to the east coast wit’ ya, I say.

    Anyway, we forced WF to change their deliveries to daylight hours. VICTORY! There is still the loud HVAC issue. I hope we can count on you again to help publicize the new banner when it comes. Every bit helps!

    Seriously, thanks!

  9. sfcitizen says:

    Gee, people must be so stoopid to shop at WF when they can get the same stuff for half the price at HSM.

    But oh no! All the traffic at HSM is now irritating it’s neighbors! Don’t you feel sorry for them?

    “Keeping money in the community?” Do you have an ownership interest in HSM? Seems that way. Personally, I don’t care if HSM lives or dies.

    Noise doesn’t bother me a whit as I’m not a NIMBY. You’re welcome to not read this blog if you want, of course.

    All right, I’ll wait for the new sign. I don’t think me posting a photo affects the behavior of WF tho…

  10. My banner says:

    No, you’re not a NIMBY, you just whine like one. Hmmm…

    >Gee, people must be so stoopid to shop at WF when they can get the same stuff for half the price at HSM.

    At least we agree on something. Gus and Georgia have been feeding my girlfriend and me for almost twenty years, so, yes, you might say we have an interest in HSM. Anyway, WF seems to attract the hillside yups and Sunset denizens who drive in. If you’re pro-noise, I suppose you’re pro-congestion and pro-pollution, too.

    >I don’t think me [sic] posting a photo affects the behavior of WF tho…

    It all helps. BTW, since you posted some of the names, faces and web addresses of our neighbors (stay classy, anonymous whiny boy!), I’m going to swipe your photo of the banner for our campaign. It’s a nice shot. Please remember to post our new one.

    Thanks again!

  11. sfcitizen says:

    So I guess if had some sign to hang off the side of the building I live in, I’d be a super-whiner?
    You’re a dOoD? Most NIMBY’s are aging women so that’s a change.
    Nobody cares where you buy your food. It doesn’t matter.
    So you live in a pricey apt in the Upper Haight and you espouse yuppie theology but you’re not a yuppie? More surprises.
    Eyes on the prize, now. Your unfocused rage should be directed against the Enemy, Whole Foods and All Who Shop There.
    I think anybody who’s ever driven to WF should be shot and killed – that’s how much I hate pollution.
    So they didn’t want to be on the Internet opposing WF? Tell me the names of the “whiners” and I’ll take them down.
    All right, be sure to set your alarm for 5:30 AM the better to start recording your pointless videos for eight people to watch worldwide. Maybe you should tape “haul” videos (unpacking your 55-cent cans of organic beans from HSM) like this chick? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjent8cOhyM A million viewers can’t be wrong.

  12. My banner says:

    I guess the “whiner” jab got to ya, eh?. Actually, you’re guilty of something far worse: you inhabit a classic reactionary mind. Because noise doesn’t bother you, it’s inconceivable that it could bother anyone else. Because you root for the corporation over the community, everyone else should. Go Goliath! Go 1%, whoop whoop!

    >So you live in a pricey apt in the Upper Haight and you espouse yuppie theology but you’re not a yuppie?

    I’m a cab driver, actually, and we have rent control.

    Thanks for the link to the soft-porn.

    Our banner worked–sorry that citizens taking a stand disturbs you so.

  13. sfcitizen says:

    So I spot something novel and I make a post about it with a photo and then I move on. OTOH, you devote a good part of your spare time to the same issue by posting videos that show the crime of a gro sto restocking after hours. And somehow I’m the “whiner.” OK fine.
    I accept noise as a part of Life. Why does this store bother you more than anybody else in the world?
    HSM is a corporation, right? It bothers people, right? But you shop there anyway, I’m sure some of the people that HSM bothers shop at WF. See how that works?
    Obviously you have rent control if you’ve lived in your pre-1979 building for two decades. You’re part of the 1% who gets a govt-mandated subsidy to the tune of five figures per year. Do you deserve it?
    And you drive a cab in a town with the highest (second-highest?) taxi rates in the richest country in the world. Do you have good shifts now? Does the 99% suffer from high rates and poor availability most of the time just so you can make more money? You’re the 1% of cab drivers, huh? In America and the world as well. Has the City given you a very valuable medallion for free yet? Do you “deserve” it?
    And oh, that’s right, you live in San Francisco, where your Supervisor and govt. have worked out a deal with WF. Does WF meet federal, state and local standards? It’s sure hard to tell with your 88 videos that all look the same. Why not try something different?
    I don’t think seeing the face of a teen qualifies as pornography. Note that she has 1.3 million and eight more viewers than you have.
    So your banner (union made, i trust? I didn’t see the bug. Of course you can save a lot of money by going to a non-union shop in Chinatown. Mmmm…) worked? So what are you “whining” about then? And you’re “citizens,” not resident or illegal aliens? Good for you! And you’re taking a stand by meeting with WF and making deals? OK. But you’re getting a new non-union-made(?) homemade(?) sign anyway? I guess that makes sense. Somehow.
    Enjoy the wonderful town that subsidizes your landlord with Prop 13, you yourself with rent control and you yourself with uniquely-generous taxi monopoly laws. But don’t forget to hate SF for letting you down by letting WF open an extremely popular gro sto. all right.

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