OMG, It’s “Civic Response 2011” This Morning in Civic Center – A Fire Drill With a Cast of Thousands

[UPDATE: Famous photographer Steve Rhodes is on the scene right now:

Step 1: Kiss the bride under the largest classical dome in the western hemisphere;

Step 2: Evacuate

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All that hullabaloo in Civic Center this AM is just CIVIC RESPONSE 2011. 

Deets below.

The calm before the storm:

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All the deets:

“Multi-Agency Joint Evacuation Exercise – Civic Center Area – “Civic Response 2011” – September 30th 2011, 10:30am

Exercise Overview
This will be a coordinated multi-organization joint evacuation drill involving the facilities management and security agencies, as well as the involved building tenants from within the San Francisco Civic Center area. This multi-agency drill will involve civilian and uniformed responders from the local and state government levels and is aimed at helping ensure public safety in the event of an actual emergency.

There will be approximately 1,500-1,800 building tenants evacuated and dozens of responders involved in this exercise. The participating agencies will activate their fire alarm plans and evacuate their tenants to pre-designated locations at Civic Center Plaza, UN Plaza, and the War Memorial area.

Participating Buildings – City Hall, Dept Public Health at 101 Grove Street, UC Hastings College of the Law, Veteran’s Building at 401 Van Ness.

The Command Post will be the SF PUC Mobile Command Vehicle (MCV) which will be parked on Grove Street between Polk and Larkin across from the Bill Graham Auditorium.

Mission: All participating buildings will execute their evacuation plans simultaneously and safely while keeping aware of the other facilities tenants.”

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Goal: To conduct a multi-building evacuation drill while measuring the following elements:

Response time to an evacuation (Beginning to Full re-population).
Coordination through a single Command Post & radio frequency.
How tenants of the participating buildings react to the simulated chaos of thousands more people in the general vicinity.
Transportation & Streets: No streets will be closed, no buses will be rerouted. There may be some traffic delays during the initial evacuation response and when tenants return to their buildings.

Participating & Support Agencies:

General Services Agency – Real Estate Division
SF Department of Public Health
San Francisco War Memorial & Performing Arts Center
University of California – Hastings College of the Law
UC Hastings Public Safety Department
San Francisco Sheriff’s Department
SF Public Utilities Commission
SF Department of Emergency Management
SF Fire Department

Background: In 2009, the Civic Center Work Group was born with the mission to improve and strengthen communications amongst the Civic Center area building managers and law enforcement of various jurisdictions with a presence in the Civic Center area. Along with non-emergency communications, and joint emergency preparedness, the annual “Civic Response” exercise has become the outcome of our collective efforts.

Having a combined evacuation plan for such a highly dense area like the civic center will help to streamline response efforts during a real emergency. The purpose is to coordinate a practice simulation and assess how we can improve for the future. We want to be as prepared as possible when a real emergency strikes, having all levels of government working together and communicating as effectively as possible.”

*Hey remember Victory Gardens? They were all the rage in the middle of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st. Wonder when they’ll come back again…

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