Foxy Knoxy’s Pyrrhic Victory: Amanda Knox Wins Her Freedom But Loses Her Wikipedia Page

I don’t know, if I were an internationally-famous criminal, I’d think I’d deserve my very own Wikipedia page, you know, the kind that Amanda Knox had until recently.


These days, Amanda’s webpage is called Murder of Meredith Kercher. How wude!

So even though you might be mentioned 300 times on just one Wiki page, you still might not rate.

Now remember, if you’re ever jailed in a foreign country and the police are sweating you over some murder investigation, be sure to deflect blame by implicating Some Black Guy, why not? Make him go to jail for a week or two and make him lose his business, something like that.

And feel free to change your story as many times as seems necessary.

And then you’ll become a heroine to some, but, even so, you can’t have your own Wiki page.

A word to the wise…

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5 Responses to “Foxy Knoxy’s Pyrrhic Victory: Amanda Knox Wins Her Freedom But Loses Her Wikipedia Page”

  1. Mugato3000 says:

    Citizen, you ignorant slut. She was innocent from the get-go! It was ludicrous to even arrest her and her boyfriend and the forensic evidence backed that up. Welcome home Amanda!

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Guilty under Italian standards, not guilty under American standards – just like OJ Simpson was found not guilty exactly 16 years ago….

  3. portugal says:

    First she said she did it…after she said “i don´t remenber”…and after on she said “i didn´t”…..why shoud we beleive her?? in some point she has liyng

  4. Linden W says:

    First she said she didn’t do it, then… after hours of abuse in a language she didn’t understand she signed a piece of paper written in a language she didn’t understand.
    She didn’t “deflect” blame, by signing that piece of paper implicating a black man, because she also implicated herself. That’s why they call it her “confession”.
    She knew that the black man was at work because he was her boss, and that she was having sex with her boyfriend at the time of the murder, because she was there.
    At her boyfriend’s apartment, not hers, where the murder was taking place.

  5. The Wikpedia entry on Amanda Knox and the Murder of Meredith Kercher was eventually corrupted by her supporters with the assistance of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. It is really a disservice to what Jimmy Wales claimed Wikipedia would be but for people who know him it is not a surprise. Needless to say other more reliable sources of information are available.

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