San Francisco’s Ambassador Hotel: “Attractive Rates, Drive-In Garage” – But Now It’s an SRO

As seen in the Tenderloin:

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This place is four-star rated on the Yelp. Per Shawn M:


I moved into the Ambassador Hotel in 2003 right after the remodel. the place had been considered a real dump before TNDC bought it and brought it up to code. there is a services pavilion, including a tv for residents who can not afford one, but more importantly, there are counselors who help residents not just with benefits management and counseling, they also are willing to just lend an ear when the desolate come to them. i suspect TNDC has a christian spirit somewhere on their board. :)

The Ambassador, and more broadly, the TNDC, supplies low income housing, so the tenancy is always a mixed bag. since most of the residents are poor and many of them suffer the ills that come with poverty, dont be surprised to see the meat wagon there a couple times a month.

The hotel is located in what was then the worst part of “The ‘Loin”, but was a far cry from my time at the Aranda, right around the corner, which had not been remodeled at that time. there is a maintenance crew on site every day, and the place is clean and “problems” are handled promptly.

When i lived there, the manageress was named Gabriella Desmond, and she turned tricks in her office and denied my application for one of the accessible rooms (about a dozen out of 134 if memory serves). i got a doctors letter explaining why i need an accessible room, and she said she would put me “on the waiting list”, but mustve been too busy doing her drugs to actually do it, because i began to see able-bodied people assigned to the accessible rooms. even tho i was supposed to be “on the waiting list” for the limited number of accessible rooms.

Anyways i heard they got rid of her, and may try to get back in now that the wicked witch is gone (but not dead).”

Ok then.

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2 Responses to “San Francisco’s Ambassador Hotel: “Attractive Rates, Drive-In Garage” – But Now It’s an SRO”

  1. jeff says:

    I have a friend that lives at the Ambassador. It’s very nice inside now since they remodeled it

    It is true that TNDC is supportive housing and they have drug counselors and problems. But one important distinction that TNDC has is that one is not required to have a social worker in order to move in (or so they say)

    Theoretically you can have a job and get a room at any TNDC building

    THC (Tenderloin Housing Clinic) is different and all of their SRO are exclusively government housing and you cannot move into any THC SRO without a social worker, and therefore working people are barred from THC buildings (which is likely discriminatory)

  2. jeff says:

    sorry, I goofed a little..My friend lives at the Dalt, around the corner, which is another TNDC building, also remodeled

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