Don’t Dare Park on the Mean Streets of San Francisco Without Your Rubber BumperBully

The owner of this aging, POS, Audi cabriolet sleeps well at night knowing BumperBully¬†Gold Edition is OTJ, I’m sure:

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O.K., if it makes you happy…

“The Bumper Bully is the best quality bumper protector in the market. There are lots of cheap imitation products that are PVC based, so there is no rubber in them. The GOLD EDITION is our standard bumper protector. Features Steel Reinforced Straps….NO IMPACT PADS!”

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One Response to “Don’t Dare Park on the Mean Streets of San Francisco Without Your Rubber BumperBully”

  1. Serge says:

    I invented the Bumper Bot. I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in just a few weeks. It is the coolest device you can imagine to protect your bumpers. You can see it at A second generation version will have accelerometers and multiple cameras to record the entire atmosphere at license plate level and center mirror level if someone parks close enough to risk damaging your bumpers. Then it’ll upload all the video, images and data to your phone. It’ll also reset into live standby mode if someone stays too close for more than a minute, so it’ll never kill your battery. And even if it didn’t reset, it’s a very low-draw electronic device. At full draw, your car battery would last over a week. Many people are going ask about the siren. The siren is loud up close. It’s a small electronic piezo siren that doesn’t carry through building walls or windows more than 30 feet away. It’s not the air assisted horn alarms of the 90’s. We thought this thing though pretty well. There are many plans for this thing I can’t quite discuss yet. But definitely check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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