Baker Street Housing Project Guesthouses

Here are two of them.

As seen on Baker Street:

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And parked behind these were two more guesthouses, you know, the South Wing.

Why do so many people live in vehicles on the Streets of San Francisco?

We can talk about that sometime…

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One Response to “Baker Street Housing Project Guesthouses”

  1. Dave D. says:

    …Why, because they can. No code enforcement. Go along-get along policing. It’s cheaper, a lot cheaper, in a City that’s very expensive to live in. Would you characterize these folks as ” homeless ” ? I’ve seen plenty of TV news that does that. If homeless means you don’t have a property address, them they are homeless. And the homeless have the absolute moral authority to do as they damned well please with a pass on behaviour. They be’s victims.
    …..If you want more of something, you reward it. Living in a one room van for free, opposite a one room $2,500 apt. is a reward of $30,000 a year. You want me to move ? OK, how does one block sound. Another one of my brethern will slide into my slot ( we conspire, you know ) as I slide into his. And the fiction of being a parked vehicle, not a domicile, will be renewed. Tomorrow is another day.
    …Just how much money are you willing to spend on stopping this ? The $150,000 or so it costs for each cop/year spent on non-violent crime. Lifestyle crime. An infraction, and a civil one at that, parking is not criminal now, ya know. Worse is the political capital you will spend while KRON and the Daily shuck and jive roast the politicians who sic’d the cops on poor homeless folks.
    ..With S.F.’s bent, this ain’t solvable. It’s just another rotten carrot in the Bay Area soup.

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