OMG, It’s Phil Ting’s L-Taraval Express Bus! Free Breakfast, WiFi – November 1st Only – RSVP Today

If you live anywhere near Taraval, you’re going to want to get in on this.

On November 1, Phil Ting and the Reset San Francisco campaign will pilot its own L-Taraval Express Bus from 46th Avenue & Taraval Street to Downtown San Francisco. (This is an idea from our L-Taraval Muni Town Hall after riders heard about the highly regarded NX-Judah Express.) RSVP for the L-Taraval Express! We’ll have breakfast and wi-fi on board too. Seats are on a first come, first serve basis, so please RSVP.”

OMG, right?

Artist’s conception of Phil Ting driving the LX Taraval Express:

Click to expand

Here are the pick up times:

• 46th and Taraval – 7:30AM (map)
• 40th and Taraval – 7:35AM (map)
• 32nd and Taraval – 7:40AM (map)
• 19th and Taraval – 7:47AM (map)

Here are the drop-off points:

• Civic Center – 8:25AM (map)
• Powell – 8:30AM (map)
• Montgomery – 8:35AM (map)
• Embarcadero – 8:40AM (map)

See you there!

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2 Responses to “OMG, It’s Phil Ting’s L-Taraval Express Bus! Free Breakfast, WiFi – November 1st Only – RSVP Today”

  1. Anthony Klinger says:

    Mr. Ting,
    Do not tinker with L-line! L-Line is consistently with the best service.
    Improve service on N-Line, which is nothing but a pure joke, compared with all others, but particularly L-Line.
    The disparity in service on these two lines is beyond any comprehension.
    Practically, it is a rule (for years) that while waiting for N-Line train, there are about two, or three L-Line trains passing by in front of helplessly waiting for N-Line passengers’ eyes.
    Just bring the quality (frequency of trains) on these two lines to the same level. If I was a L-Line commuter I would not complain at all.

  2. L line commuter says:

    Mr. Klinger,

    Firstly, as you acknowledged, you are NOT an L-line commuter and therefore should refrain from commenting on the so-called “best service” of the L-line. Secondly, refer to my first comment.
    As an L-line commuter, I can tell you, I feel EXACTLY the same way you do in regards to the N-line. When I wait for my L train, I see three or four N trains pass by while I look longingly for my L train to arrive. Even when I get on the train at the terminal, often I do not get a seat. I am lucky if I find a spot to stand throughout my commute without becoming part of a sardine pack.
    Having said that, I think it is imperative that MUNI as a WHOLE improve its services. There should be an increase in frequency (which has been decreasing in the past few years) as well as an improvement of service. While MUNI has consistently increased the fare of our commute, it has also proportionately decreased the service provided. Trains arrive less frequently, tunnel traffic and jams caused commutes to be longer, and most importantly, drivers seem to be disregarding the safety of the passengers more frequently, as this website itself has reported frequently. Why does our commute fare cost more than the Chicago ELL, who ensures that all of one’s connections are appropriately scheduled? Why does our commute in a 7×7 mile city is more time-consuming than the New York subway, who connects people from over 5 boroughs?

    I can go on and on about other transit systems in the nation—but I will stop here. Just get your act together, MUNI.

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