Occupy Oakland Goes a Tad Off-Message With Anti-Police Art: “All My Heroes Kill Cops,” “Kill Pigs,” Etc

Anti-Cop Rocktoss – Know Your Target:

Via Fred Sharples


Via Fred Sharples 


Via Fred Sharples

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4 Responses to “Occupy Oakland Goes a Tad Off-Message With Anti-Police Art: “All My Heroes Kill Cops,” “Kill Pigs,” Etc”

  1. Dave D. says:

    …I think it’s spot ” On message “.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Well fine, but most of the 99% might not agree with you…

  3. Dave D. says:

    …If they don’t agree, or at least, acquiesce, why don’t they confront these folks ? Take the signs ? I see a lot of anger and sought revenge for the former Marine’s shooting, if that is what it was. I worked Oakland in 1978-79. The antipathy from some folks…many folks, was palpable. It’s hard for me to believe it has lessened when I read the Crons letters to the editors and see interviews on Bay Area news stations ( when I’m down there ).
    ..If the 99% , or many of them, don’t agree, show me the signs that refute or dispute these signs. I’ve followed the OWS demo’s pretty close. It seem to me that in each group there are folks just itching for physical confrontation.

  4. loungepunkisto says:

    First, I cant imagine why you look at this as a bad thing. Those most likely to antagonize the police have just outed themselves.. I’ll be the first to confess that their sudden willingness to physically confront the police is exploitation of what has been initially established as a peaceful movement, but they are also part of the 99%. Why don’t the organized figures of the movement approach these individuals and talk turkey with them to see if there is common ground? While many are rightfully angry with the track record of the OPD and not so ready to count them among the 99%, It is down to those within the core of the organized factions of the movement to address these people without preconceived prejudices. In the end, you know as well as anybody that they are expressing a very justified hostility toward the police and the first thing you have to do when you approach them is acknowledge the validity of their sentiments. If you want to subdue them and villify them , you are really no better than all that you claim to be against.

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