OMG, NOPA NIMBY Nightmare: Telephone Pole Has a Cell Phone Antenna PLUS a PG&E SmartMeter – Double Trouble

The SmartMeter is the round white thing on the right and the cellie antenna is that stuff jutting out at the very top.

How would you like this RF farm parked three yards from your front door? 

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Poor NIMBYs.

Poor by-now-certainly-sterile, wealthy, white, wizened, whiny NoPNA NIMBYs of the Western Addition.

And won’t somebody please think of the children?

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3 Responses to “OMG, NOPA NIMBY Nightmare: Telephone Pole Has a Cell Phone Antenna PLUS a PG&E SmartMeter – Double Trouble”

  1. RobertWilliams says:

    Smart Meters Are NOT Green or Good.

    Concepts and theory sounds great, but upon closer inspection:

    1. Customer information from smart meters is NOT formatted for customers and does NOT change customer behavior towards conservation.

    2. Cost – Benefit is horrendous being promoted to profit the utility monopolies and their suppliers, not customers or our society or our environment.

    3. The Smart Grid does NOT use or require a smart meter on each home. The necessary smart information for the grid can be gathered much more efficiently and timely and inexpensively at energy distribution points.

    4. The vast amount of unnecessary and nearly useless information to be handled and stored may actually end up raising energy usage.

    5. This massive Billions-of-dollars smart meter program will leave NO funds for programs that would truly bring energy saving solutions and the public will not be receptive to real solutions after being burned by these so-called smart meters.

  2. Widemouth says:

    Smart Meters – something to be afraid of?

  3. blaine says:

    Why don’t these whiners just turn in their fucking cell phones? It’s not pretty because the telecom company doesn’t own that pole. The utility company requires a 6in standoff so linemen to use their climbing belts which none does anymore anyway, everyone uses bucket trucks. Secondly the aesthetics police want the radios hidden in that box. Chances are those radios are supposed to cool passively, now they’re in a box baking and working at about half capacity but that’s all good because it looks so much better! The power company is just being assholes. No one complains about their fuses, transformers, conduit etc. hanging off the pole. It’s called infrastructure people- I know you tree huggers think your cell phone is a walkie talkie but it’s not. If you want this stuff to go away turn in your phones with all you’re nekkid pics, your Angry Birds app and call AT&T and get that land line put in.

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