Here It Is: The Entire “The Real Ed Lee – The Untold, Untold Story” Scanned-In for Your Pleasure – Read the Whole Thing

You remember this?

Well, now it’s time to read the whole thing without you having to leave your iPad or whatever.

It’s courtesy of the ever-resourceful Bluoz.

Here’s just one page:

Via Bluoz – click to expand

(Remember that one from former Mayor Gavin Newsom? “You’re not just changing your mind. You’re breaking a promise to these people.” That was just 2.5 months ago. Oh well.)

All right, enjoy!

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4 Responses to “Here It Is: The Entire “The Real Ed Lee – The Untold, Untold Story” Scanned-In for Your Pleasure – Read the Whole Thing”

  1. Bluoz says:

    the Real Ed Lee Story…

    This book was actually found on the ground at Civic Center Farmers Market, and seemed to be worth a scan since nobody’s seen a PDF or file of it yet. One of the first people to get a hard copy was SF Citizen and also updated here These are simply JPEG…

  2. Tim Giangiobbe says:

    I am a Baby Boomer SF Native.
    I have over 100 quarters of work on the books and two honorable discharges.I have seen way too many bad changes in San Francisco.

    I worked hard and now collect a stipend and happen to be priced out of the very city I was born in and watch citizens who were not born here receive housing at an alarmingly lopsided rate of 80 percent to 20 percent Natives.I payed years and years of taxes and YES I will have VASH housing SOON and Happen to be the exception and once again I point out all the baby boomers born here who do not have some kind of POLITICAL Connection are screwed.
    I am a Veteran and that is the reason I have light at the end of the tunnel and know there are NUMEROUS boomers in my situation with the number growing daily.

    Asian citizens have learned how to use the non profit circuit to their advantage and I say HOORAY when it adjusted an imbalance.I will say that until racial balance is achieved there will be bad feelings.It is kind of like The Chinese Exclusionary act in reverse.The PRIME housing in downtown locations are just about ALL ASIANS.The More Ghetto Housing has 30 percent Asian and growing.
    I Now ask the QUESTION
    How Many Elderly Chinese Homeless Citizens do you see on the streets of San Francisco ? I can count them on two hands and have a couple finger left over and that is because they are ECCENTRIC.
    I have lived here since IKE was President and claim RACISM.
    The Chinatown Community Development Center does well keeping rents down. They are not BOGGED down in Evictions litigation and ill behaving residents.Therefore CCDC has low rent.The same low rent needed by so many citizens.
    I will be the first to say that The Chinese behavior dictates their conditions and rent.They are great Tenants.
    So please do not take this as a racist statement.
    I feel that using Covenant law can be the saving grace that keeps the evictions out of a bogged down court and non Profits like Tenderloin Housing Clinic Revel in their Eviction Industrial complex.Gordon Chin would bot allow such BS.So yes my Praises are many and Criticism is lightly and respectfully knowing all the facts.
    That is why as the housing comes on line all the well behaving tenants across the line need MORE HOUSING so there is no bad feelings.Yet Not a SINGLE SRO project has been approved in months and it seems like once again US Politically connected vets make out at 150 Otis.I do not like Favoritism even if I am the recipient

  3. Tim Giangiobbe says:

    Oh By the Way Gavin Newsom Was a Photo Op Whore
    I liked him way back in the beginning I was working a Union carpenters job then.I have since become too disabled for carpentry.
    I find the boomers have needed resources for years to help make career changes and even Swords to Plowshares has less time and resources for OLDER VETS now that a FLOOD of recent vets are coming back from war.I understand that and actually help answer questions for the incoming vets.I do this as well as many other older vets.
    I have patience for the Plan to house vets Like I said in another comment I am a vet and squared away in a year and have GAME.
    The Citizens going from refuse receptacle to refuse receptacle scrounging for food while talking to people “they only see” have no game in this HEARTLESS CITY.
    I had to SEEK the HELP.
    These mentally disturbed CITIZENS are not going to seek a damn thing.
    So this Veteran is GRATEFUL even if I have to wait !!
    The Younger vets are getting housing quicker and that will soon change and doled out evenly taking OUR AGE into consideration when funding comes through in January.
    The Citizens talking to the imaginary people are being systematically eliminated using APATHY.
    Implied Social Genocide by Apathy.
    Think About it ?
    They say nothing and suffer silently
    They are SICK
    The System is Sick.

  4. Tim Giangiobbe says:

    The recent headway in obtaining funds for affordable housing when projects like 88 Washington are proposed is just a drop in the bucket of what is wanted and needed.
    Melissa Griffith claims it is extortion.
    The wealthy can not have such PRIME SPOTS waterfront homes that will be the envy of San Francisco society without PONYING UP.
    The Stigma associated with homelessness should never inflict citizens who worked hard just to find themselves homeless as a baby Boomer competing for housing units with citizens who gave less to society for various reasons.

    It is hard to comprehend working for twenty to thirty years just to succumb to dementia and need a safety net.
    Then finding that safety net has been OCCUPIED by abusers of the system for those years that you were busy working.
    The abusers have been working the system so long that they have tenure.
    Don’t laugh how else would they benefit from this arrangement.
    Too many youngsters using the system.
    ABLE BODIED strong kids.
    THE CCC would be great for the youngsters if the FEDS CARED they would repeat the same process that worked in 1935.
    The Keynesian solutions are time tested Keynes was brilliant.
    Maybe economic opportunities in the hood are part of the problem along with the mindset of the youth and PEERS.
    Time for safety nets that are partially self sufficient using the skill set of clients to their advantage.
    Time to quit treating them like they can’t possibly assist in the process .
    Too many cities just warehouse citizens and keep the interaction minimal.
    Time for a safety net that insists on short and long term goals and objectives then rewarding positive accomplishments with better living situations and the eventual goal is TOTAL INDEPENDENCE from the system and a satisfying career.
    The system has wasted time and money on solution that are archaic and rather crude.

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