My Thing With the George Gascon for District Attorney Campaign

[UPDATE II: I think we’ve come to an accord, via a terse, 13-word email. Hurray! [#bygones] BTW, that’s Jim “The Hammer” Hammer in the background, during the let’s-have-TASERS-in-SF presser. The Hammer was gung-ho for the TASERs on that particular day, but by the following week, not so much. No so much AT ALL. The upshot is that peace officers still don’t have TASERs in SF (unless they’re in the CHP or something), for better or worse. Worse, IMO.]

[UPDATE: Oh, apparently the Jeff Adachi for Mayor campaign recently had a similar issue with a local shutterbug and it ended with the Jeff Adachi campaign no longer using the photo(s) they had no right to use in the first place.]

I don’t know, the digital SLR era for me started a decade ago,* so that’s a while, but I’ll tell you, I’ve never come across anything like this.

I get an email asking me how much I got from the George Gascon for District Attorney campaign for the use of my photos and I’m like, well, nothing?

So I head over to the official website and I see one of my photos, anyway, getting panned (ala the Ken Burns Effect) in some videos here.


So I send out emails to two people with the campaign and there’s no reply, no reply at all.

I’m not a professional or nothing, but I talked with a couple and they said is that this is a straight-up copyright violation and that I should invoice the campaign. (Oh, and that I’m a “wuss”** for “sitting on this.”)

Oh well.

Is this how you roll, George Gascon, with no respect for Da Law?

*With the Canon D30 – no, not 30D, the old-school 3-megapixel one, the kind Bill Biggart had when he was killed at Ground Zero on 9/11/01. Anyway, you can’t take an unprocessed shot like that and get a look like that without a SLR-type camera. (It was with a six pound 300mm 2.8 lens…)

**Or something

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2 Responses to “My Thing With the George Gascon for District Attorney Campaign”

  1. Camarografo says:

    Welcome to my world (AND the world of photographers everywhere).
    Stealing, using photos without permission, cropping out corner watermarks, resizing photos to remove watermarks; it’s all rampant.
    TVC aka Traditional Values Coalition took one of my pics of Senator Mark Leno, cropped the watermark, and WITHOUT my permission, plastered it on their website and did their typical anti-gay rant around it.

    If you plan to pursue this, plan to shell out ducats. In the meantime I’m putting big fat watermarks in the center of my work; I get complaints, but tough $hiite.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Well, yeah, I guess I didn’t expect to get stonewalled by an elected-official type in the 415.

    Live and learn…

    Traditional Values Coalition? I’ll have to look out for them…

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