Board President David Chiu Goes His Own Way – Giving a Mayoral Race “Closing Argument” This AM at City Hall

[UPDATE: This thing will be ON regardless of today’s rainy weather. But it won’t be raining then anyway, pinky swear.]

[UPDATE II: See David’s remarks, after the jump.]

For whatever reason, District 3 Supervisor David Chiu is going his own way in the race for Mayor. These days, he’s taking steps to let you know he’s separating himself from the pack.

Fair enough.

DC pressing the flesh on the sidewalks of Clement Street yesterday:

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So, maybe he missed yesterday’s event on the steps of City Hall, but he’ll have his own today. Seems as if it will be more like a rally…

All the deets, after the jump

“David Chiu Gives His “Closing Argument” – Friday Press Conference to Highlight Community Supporters, Final Positive Message To Voters

SAN FRANCISCO (November 3, 2011): With Election Day around the corner, Board of Supervisors President and candidate for Mayor David Chiu will give his closing argument to voters about why he should be their first choice for Mayor on Friday at 10:30am.  Chiu will be flanked by over a dozen endorsers and community leaders who believe he has what it takes to lead San Francisco for the next four years.

WHO: Board of Supervisors President and candidate for Mayor David Chiu, joined by:

Speakers marked with an asterisk (*)

Nicole Derse, Campaign Manager, David Chiu for Mayor*

Chris Jackson, Vice President, City College of SF Board of Trustees*

Dan Nguyen-Tan, Board Member, League of Conservation Voters*

Richard Ventura, Former President, San Francisco Hispanic Chamber of Commerce*

Representative from California Nurses Association*

Monty Agarwal, Former President, South Asian Bar Association

Diane Chin, Former Executive Director, Chinese for Affirmative Action

Ramie Dare, Mercy Housing California

Roger Dong, former Chairman, San Francisco American Legion War Memorial Commission 

Milo Hanke, San Francisco Beautiful

Scott Hauge, Owner, CAL Insurance

Bert Hill, Transportation Advocate

Milton Hum, United Food and Commercial Workers

Ron Lee, Commander of Cathay Post No. 384

Kim-shree Maufas, Commissioner, SFUSD Board of Education

Rahul Prakesh, Environmental Commissioner

Debra Walker, President, San Francisco Arts Democratic Club

Germaine Wong, Community Leader

Sargeant Paul Yep, President, Asian Peace Officers’ Association

WHAT: David Chiu’s “Closing Argument” Press Conference

WHERE: Civic Center Plaza (across from City Hall, Polk Street Steps)

WHEN: Friday, November 4th from 10:30-11:00am”

Remarks By David Chiu At “Closing Argument” Press Conference

Chiu Outlines Why He Is The San Francisco Mayoral Candidate Who Will “Shake Things Up” At City Hall

“I’m honored to have the support of all of the amazing community leaders here with me today. All of you represent the diversity and spirit of San Francisco, and I look forward to working with you when I walk through these doors as your next Mayor.

I also want to thank my elected colleagues who’ve endorsed me – Supervisors Eric Mar, Jane Kim, and Malia Cohen. I appreciate that, yesterday, Supervisor Wiener urged his supporters and constituents to consider me as well. I’d also like to recognize the six of my endorsers – including Kim-shree Maufas, who is here today – who have served as president of our School Board.

We’re coming to the end of a long campaign. I’ve participated in over 40 candidate forums, filled out 87 candidate questionnaires – that’s a real number folks, I checked – and talked to countless of my fellow San Franciscans in kitchens, living rooms, at the doors, on the phones, at Muni stops, on merchant walks, and even at some of our city’s great nightlife spots. I’ve campaigned for 25 hours straight. I ran in Bay to Breakers. I even celebrated Halloween in the Castro the other night dressed as Han Solo, with a dozen Jedi Knights, and of course, my trusty campaign mascot Chiubacca.

It’s been fun and challenging, exhausting and exhilarating. But now – with under 100 hours until polls open – it’s time to choose what kind of future we want for our City.

In the past weeks, we’ve heard a lot of back and forth, attacks and counterattacks, and political grandstanding. I understand that voters might be a little sick of it because, quite frankly, I am too.

I’m here today, with these community leaders – not to tear anyone down – but to do what we’ve been doing for the last eight months, laying out our positive case for why I deserve to be your next Mayor.

After serving as a civil rights attorney, criminal prosecutor, small business founder, and neighborhood activist, I ran for office in 2008 because I wanted to move City Hall forward – beyond a dysfunctional politics of personality and ideology. After 3 years as the President of our Board of Supervisors, I have done just that.

As the San Francisco Chronicle noted in their endorsement of me, more than any other candidate in this race, I have had to make the tough decisions, under intense political pressure from all sides, doing what is in the best interests of our city.

I have a record of results – balancing budgets, bringing 21st century jobs to our city, building affordable housing and passing tough ethics legislation.

I have a vision for our future – including detailed plans for bringing back the thousands of jobs we’ve lost over the past 2 years, the thousands of families that we’ve lost since the last census. Building a government that keeps our streets safe and clean, and makes our buses run on time.

We have a $6.8 billion, 26,000 employee, 50-plus department bureaucracy known as the City and County of San Francisco that hasn’t been “getting it done” for San Francisco for decades.

If you want the status quo, if you want more of the same, I’m not your guy.

If you want a politician stuck on ideology, there are other candidates in this race.

If you want someone who votes in lockstep with interests on the left or the right, you have other options.

But if you want someone to step in on day one and get results, to challenge the status quo, and to shake things up at City Hall, then I’m your candidate, and I’m asking for your vote.

If I have the honor of being your next Mayor, you can be sure that I will be beholden to no one but you — the voters of San Francisco who put your trust in me.

We have 4 days and 9 hours to bring it home. Let’s get back to work.”

David Chiu is a proud San Franciscan, currently serving his second term as President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. In November 2008, David was elected as the Supervisor for District 3 – home to many diverse and vibrant neighborhoods, including North Beach, Chinatown, Telegraph Hill, Russian Hill, Polk Street, Nob Hill, Union Square, the Financial District, the Barbary Coast and Fisherman’s Wharf. Before joining the Board, David was a founder and Chief Operating Officer of Grassroots Enterprise, a public affairs technology company. Prior to Grassroots, he worked as a criminal prosecutor at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and as a civil rights attorney at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights. In the mid-1990s, David served as Democratic Counsel to the U.S. Senate Constitution Subcommittee, and as U.S. Senator Paul Simon’s aide to the U.S. Senate Budget Committee in Washington.

Chiu received the sole endorsement for Mayor of the San Francisco Chronicle in October. You can find a complete list of organizational and individual endorsements at:

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