OccupySF is Big (or Bigger Than It Used to Be, Anyway) – How It Looks Near the Ferry Building in Mid-November, 2011

Here are the former bocce ball courts near the Ferry Building as of November 13th, one day before OccupyOAK got cleaned out by cops for the second time.

Camp Lee, 2011:

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And here’s the Federal Reserve Building on Market near Main:

Are there are other smaller tent places as well.

And oh, here’s the part of the cookhouse pantry for Base Camp:

I didn’t realize how big an operation this has become.

I don’t think a little rain will get all these people to leave, personally…

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2 Responses to “OccupySF is Big (or Bigger Than It Used to Be, Anyway) – How It Looks Near the Ferry Building in Mid-November, 2011”

  1. jeff says:

    funny you mention camp lee. I talked to some of those people last week and mentioned the last time we had a tent city like this was Camp Agnos back in the 80’s in front of city hall


    notice the quote there

    “During the nine months that it took to renovate and open the Beyond Shelter multiservice centers, Agnos allowed homeless individuals to sleep in the park in front of City Hall, saying that the alternative was to drive them into neighborhoods and that, as long as they were in front of City Hall, city leaders would be confronted daily with the urgency of the crisis. Critics dubbed the result “Camp Agnos,” and called on him to use police force to remove them, which Agnos refused to do.”

    See, this is what the homeless policy has been all about here, taking them out of ‘the neighborhoods’ and out of the faces of moneyed elite, and concentrating them into the Tenderloin and mid Market and Mission. This is what Randy Shaw is paid to do, and has been paid to do since Agnos. This is also why Randy Shaw is full of shit when he identifies and tries to lend advice to Occupy SF because Occupy SF is about the exact opposite of what this homeless policy has been

    The entire point of the Occupy movement is to make it MORE visible to those moneyed elite, and that’s why you have the police crackdowns and the controversy. Because you know as well as I do that if they set up camp in the tenderloin, nobody would even notice…right?…right?

    The entire purposes of randy Shaw and Homeless INC in San Francisco is to take the homeless of THEIR street, and put it on OUR street. Occupy SF wants to take if from OUR Street and put it back on THEIR street

  2. Peter says:

    Occupy SF will be evicted when the masses rise up for a game of bocce. Which can’t come too soon.

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