What’s This? For the First Time Ever, San Francisco Chronicle Columnist/Writer CW Nevius Shows Some Backbone

Where the Hell did this come from? Long-time WillieBrownGavinNewsomEdLee lickspittle CW Nevius came up with this yesterday, on the topic of Mayor Ed Lee and OccupySF:

“…Lee lacks credibility. The tents were cleared out once on Oct. 8, and he let them come back. He was still saying there were no tents at the camp when the plaza looked like an Everest base camp. He said Tuesday that no action was planned, then his officers staged a raid in the wee hours Wednesday morning, taking down tents and arresting seven people. For someone who said he wasn’t going to run for mayor and then did, that sets off alarm bells.”

As a long-time scholar of Neviana, I can tell you that this is unprecedented. Which is not to say that CW would never criticize, let’s say, maybe, let’s say, a former Mayor’s incessant petulance, but those comments from back in the day seemed more of a tough-love, straighten-up-and-fly-right, we-love-you-so-this-is-an-intervention kind of thing, right?

OTOH, yesterday’s graf quoted above shows actual criticism of Mayor Ed Lee.

Here’s an artist’s conception of the vertebral column (backbone, spine) of CW Nevius. The red color shows the areas of suspected growth:

Of course, this nascent spine is probably sort of spongy like cartilage, like an elk’s antler’s in the springtime. But who knows, if this keeps up, C. W. Nevius could become a full-fledged vertebrate within a year or two.

Now, speaking of OccupySF, leave us review.

The first Mayor of the current 16-year-old administration, Willie Brown, popped up at Justin Herman Plaza to deal with a “leaderless group back in 1997. Willie was “disappointed” with their attitude.

Next thing you know, it was go-time, and a bunch of people from Critical Mass got arrested and their bikes got confiscated. (Willie wanted the City to destroy the bikes as punishment but some silly “fundamental right” got in the way of that idea.)

Now, as reported above, the third Mayor of the current 16-year-old administration, Ed Lee, popped up at Justin Herman Plaza to deal with a “leaderless group” back a few days ago. Ed was “disappointed” with their attitude.

Next thing you’ll know, it’ll be go-time, and a bunch of people from OccupySF will get arrested and their tents will get confiscated. Just you wait.

Beware the Mayor who pops in to visit your leaderless group, beware the Mayor who makes a field trip to your operation only to later report on the “disappointment” he purposefully came to experience.

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3 Responses to “What’s This? For the First Time Ever, San Francisco Chronicle Columnist/Writer CW Nevius Shows Some Backbone”

  1. Blue collar city employee says:

    I agree with the grand idea behind the 99% which I belong to. The tactics of making everyone’s life miserable by snarling traffic and encouraging more homeless to use our limited resources sickens me. Pissing inside of banks sickens me. People telling at the police and slashing them outrages me. Really occupy??? Really… If you really want to hurt the banks if that’s your message then simply get everyone to withdraw their funds and shove it in a mattress or in your case a sleeping bag. Oh and make sure you tip spend some of that money in the small businesses you have hurt. While your at it get the hell out of my beautiful city that has had more successful peaceful protests without hurting anyone. Let the police go back to work in my neighborhood to stop the auto burglars . Oh but wait maybe when your shanty towns leaves the crime rate will go back down.

    Now I ask you politely to gtf out of SF. If occupy ran this country then I’ll be on a plane to Belize.

  2. Camarografo says:

    Belize? Why fly so far? There must be hourly flights out of SFO for Blissville, or Walnut Creek at the very least.
    Nobody ever said that revolution is a tidy affair. Agitating to get out of Vietnam wasn’t a squeaky-clean event, and there was plenty of water during the civil rights era, but that was mostly attached to water cannon to get the pesky coloreds away from Leave It To Beaver High School or to rinse the smell of negro from Woolworth lunch counters.
    No, fed up people can’t look pretty when they’re storming the Bastille. So hunker down in your bunker.

  3. pchazzz says:

    Anyone remember how back in the day the homeless encampment in front of City Hall was called Camp Agnos? Maybe we should start Occupy “Camp Lee”.

    And Camarografo, you are insulting the civil rights movement by comparing it to the spoiled middle class brats currently encamped on the Embarcadero.

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