America’s Cup 2013 Failing Already – People Don’t Seem to Care – Dumbing-Down Sailing ala NASCAR – Ooh, a Crash!

You can read the latest press release from the America’s Cup people below. I don’t know when it was put out, possibly at 3:00 AM on Thanksgiving Day, you know, cause that’s how you’re supposed to handle bad news, I guess.

Now, let’s hear from Eric Young:

Sources close to the America’s Cup said Thompson’s exit was the result of lackluster financial performance of the America’s Cup World Series, a collection of races around the world leading up to the 2013 finale. World Series races have been held in Portugal, England and one week ago in San Diego. Coming events are scheduled for Italy and Newport, R.I.”

So, what makes the America’s Cup 2013 good for San Francisco? Are we getting paid to host it? I don’t think so. And, in fact, I think we’re on the hook for lots of costs that we don’t fully understand at this point. And the person who was supposed to look out for us is now the former Mayor , but, no matter, they’re making him Honorary Commodore or Poohbah or whatever of the whole thing?

Check out a recap show right here, if you want. (Unlike the case with popular sports, you don’t have pay to watch the America’s Cup World Series.) The first minute shows what I’m talking about.

Oh, yeah, the boats are faster, I get that. And oh yeah, these rigs crash with regularity. Like this:

Via mikesm – click to expand

I get that, but what makes this event good? It’s not going to be popular, it’s not going to make money for us. Some businesses will benefit, some won’t, some will be hurt, just like with any other government program. Some people will get temporary gigs and hotels will be able to raise their rates, but this event, overall, isn’t for San Francisco’s benefit.

It’s for the 1% but it’s paid for by the 99%.

Speaking of which, if Larry Ellison wrote a check to the City and County right now for $100,000,000 (put “For Larry’s boat race” in the memo part, LE) AND put up a $500,000,000 account or bond or whatever that people wronged by the America’s Cup could recover from, let’s say, until 2016 or so, well that would turn my frown not necessarily upside-down but back to neutral anyway.

I mean who gives a fuck if Larry Ellison wins another boat race except for Larry Ellison himself? So why isn’t he paying for it?

Speaking of which, again, a good chunk of the 1% doesn’t like all the new changes.

To wit, Sailor44:

“I have watched a couple ofthe match races and, due to the speed of the boats now, and their abiity to quickly accelerate in a small puff, the tactics of the match race are left behind and all we have left is to watch for capsizes, and a lot of spray coming over the bow(s). All this is reflected in the new course, which is nothing but a reach (a drag race, really) to the first mark. Good grief, this eliminates most of the interesting pre race maneuvering, which is most of match racing!”

The ACEA seems to be quite proud (check out Teams Korea’s captain at 1:35 – I think he’s speaking English but I don’t understand half his words) about the times when these cats capsize (the title says “very funny,” but it’s actually it’s extremely funny (even though the daggerboard is the floating kind and it’s properly tied down anyway)) and/or pitchpole. Does the NFL put out Greatest Injuries clips? Does NASCAR put out Greatest Crashes clips? NTIKO. These AC45 rigs have waaaaay too much sail for the conditions that you see in the official ACEA video clips. Why is that?

So you make all these changes, but maybe spectators would just rather look at something else? I mean, if you wanted to lose money putting on a event, why not pay money to bring Rajon Rondo here to play Lebron James one-on-one or something. Why not bring things here that people like? Why are we on the hook for the popularity of  a sport that nobody’s really into? We do we have these department heads, who don’t know Jack, out there mindlessly cheerleading for this stupid event that was poorly negotiated. It’s pathetic.

Oh well.

Here’s the release, the one letting us know that Craig Thompson “decided to leave the Event Authority,” you know because he got canned:

The America’s Cup Event Authority has extended the role of Richard Worth to include Chief Executive Officer along with Chairman. In this expanded role, Richard will be responsible for the commercial interests of the 34th America’s Cup, adding marketing and partnerships to his purview. A 30-year sports marketing executive with extensive global broadcasting and leadership experience, we believe Richard’s hands-on engagement will allow us to significantly enhance the growth of our commercial efforts in support of fulfilling the vision for the 34th America’s Cup. 

Overall management of the events will move to America’s Cup Race Management, who will now lead both the on- and off-the-water components of the events, as well as serve as liaison to the teams. Building upon their proven success with event management, led by ACRM CEO and Regatta Director Iain Murray, we believe that centralizing management of the events under ACRM ensures an even smoother road to success. 

With this realignment of responsibilities, Craig Thompson has decided to leave the Event Authority. Craig has played an important role over the past year in helping to build the foundation of our future, and we appreciate his significant contributions.”

And oh, for completeness, the latest release from the the Powers That Be


Major Milestone in Effort to Host Only Major International Sporting Event Coming to U.S. in Next Decade, Brings More than 8,000 Jobs & World’s Attention on San Francisco

San Francisco, CA— Mayor Edwin M. Lee today announced the issuance of the Comments and Responses to the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the America’s Cup Events in San Francisco in 2012 and 2013 and the associated construction of the James R. Herman Cruise Terminal at Pier 27 by the Port of San Francisco.

“The completion of the EIR in such a timely and transparent manner is a testament to the hard work by the City and its partners, the America’s Cup Event Authority, America’s Cup Race Management and the America’s Cup Organizing Committee,” said Mayor Lee. “The community input we received was garnered through more than 235 comments on the Draft EIR and at almost 100 outreach meetings, and this information is key to ensuring that the 34th America’s Cup will be the most sustainable, exciting and financially sound series of events in San Francisco history.”

Studies have put the economic impact to San Francisco from the 34th America’s Cup events in 2012 and 2013 at more than $1 billion, including spending and jobs across the visitor and hospitality, construction and transportation industries.

“We appreciate hearing from the thousands of San Franciscans who have shared their voice, and in turn, have helped us to develop plans that reflect the values of the City.” said Iain Murray, America’s Cup Race Management CEO and Regatta Director. “We are committed to showcasing the Bay Area on the world stage as a model sporting event, and thank our partners at the City and the Port for sharing that commitment.”

The comments and responses document, as well as the Draft EIR, is available on the Planning Department website at The Planning Commission will hold a hearing on certification of the Final EIR (the Draft EIR and Comments and Responses) at its December 15, 2011 meeting.

“The speed and breadth of this environmental review process is a testimony to the importance that these events will have on San Francisco’s future as a world-class city,” said America’s Cup Organizing Committee Chairman Mark Buell. “I applaud City staff and our partners at the America’s Cup Event Authority and America’s Cup Race Management for conducting a transparent and open process that will be reflected in the events as well as the legacy projects for San Francisco.”

The America’s Cup World Series races will be held in San Francisco from August 11 – 19 and August 27 – September 2, 2012. The Louis Vuitton Cup, the America’s Cup Challenger Series, will be held in San Francisco from July 4 – September 1, 2013 and the America’s Cup Finals will be held September 7 – 22, 2013.

“The James R. Herman Cruise Terminal at Pier 27 allows the Port to provide a gateway to San Francisco for cruise passengers befitting of the City’s prominence as a world class destination,” said Port of San Francisco Director Monique Moyer. “The synergy of this new international terminal with the world’s top sailing race brings an unprecedented cadre of local and global visitors to the waterfront for the benefit of City and Port establishments, entrepreneurs and maritime affiliates.”

About the America’s Cup
One hundred and sixty years old, the America’s Cup is the oldest trophy in international sport. The America’s Cup has evolved into one of the world’s leading sporting competitions – featuring the best sailors on the world’s fastest boats, the wing-sailed AC45 and AC72 catamarans. The inaugural America’s Cup World Series season runs August 2011 – July 2012. In the summer of 2013, the 34thAmerica’s Cup begins with the Louis Vuitton Cup July 4-September 1, followed by the America’s Cup Finals September 7-22. For more information, go to:

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