NIMBYs are Born and Not Made: “ALAMO SQUARE NATIVE”

Hurray for me!

I was born a rich white kid and now I live in my parent’s house, so hurray for me!

Hurray for Prop 13 middle class welfare, which subsidizes my existence! I use that welfare money to join local NIMBY groups and Support Your Parks and donate to KQED and buy MINI Coopers.


As seen in the Western Addition near Alamo Square:

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Hurray for me!

Oh, dear 99 percenter, please make for me a bumper sticker that tells the world I’m an “ALAMO SQUARE NATIVE.”


Or, in other words, my bumper sticker says I’m better than you, Auslander.¬†

So, hurray for me!

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2 Responses to “NIMBYs are Born and Not Made: “ALAMO SQUARE NATIVE””

  1. C.R. says:

    I saw this car too. Big deal. Why does it upset you?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Assuming facts not in evidence.

    Now, if you want to say why is the stupid, custom-made bumper sticker om oh-so-tedious and predictable (I can park it anywhere! I’m a great driver!) tiny BMW remarkable, worthy of comment, then the answer is why on earth do you think it matters to people where in the Western Addition you were born, Whitey?

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