Embarcadero Center Employees are Now Cleaning Up the Justin Herman Plaza Bocce Ball Courts? Stickers Be Gone

This was the scene yesterday, with a man trying to remove pro-OccupySF stickers from the railing installed for the bocce courts recently installed for and by the rich, WASPy one-percent.*

The cops who have been patrolling this area for months were nowhere to be seen at this particular moment yesterday.

There are three stickers visible here. They have words like “war” and “cops” on them. The uniform badge says “Embarcadero Center Janitorial.”

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Apparently, Embarcadero Center / the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero Hotel have become clubhouses of sorts for anti-Occupy forces. Per the Counterpunch:

 “On two separate occasions, I saw cops assembled in the Hyatt and a couple of other nearby hotels. I was sent by our General Assembly to do recon so I buttoned my shirt up, took off my bandana and put on my best English accent.

“Walking with a confident stride toward the Hyatt, wary security and bellhops opened the door for me. I found the cops relaxing in a conference room.”

When oh when will the one-percent reoccupy this part of Justin Herman Plaza?

*This includes former Mayor Gavin Newsom, also a rich, WASPy member of the 1%. For some reason, a small, Eurocentric lawn sport project was Job One for him, back in the day.

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4 Responses to “Embarcadero Center Employees are Now Cleaning Up the Justin Herman Plaza Bocce Ball Courts? Stickers Be Gone”

  1. Josh says:

    Laborers Local 261 Community and Training Foundation had a lot more to do with funding these courts than Newsom or any other hand of the shadowy 1%.


    This man also happens to maintain much of the other public spaces surrounding Justin Herman Plaza, who you wanna blame for that? The Bilderberg Group or maybe his own work ethic & sense of civic duty?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    The funding is trivial, no? Did they pay for the land? Why not rip out that thing and put in a playground?

  3. pchazzz says:

    Because a playground is being proposed for Sue Bierman Park, just two blocks away, perhaps?


  4. sfcitizen says:

    Because there was no room for it at the bocce ball courts. The WASPs were asked about it and they said no. Whose idea was it to put bocce courts there?

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