The San Francisco Equivalent to Parking on the Lawn

Here it is.

(Any lawns are long-gone by now.)

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Do San Francisco homeowners do this?

Yes, San Francisco homeowners do.

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4 Responses to “The San Francisco Equivalent to Parking on the Lawn”

  1. Not that it matters, but it’s illegal to park on sidewalks like this.
    From the SFMTA site:

    6. Do not park on sidewalks. A vehicle parked on any portion of a sidewalk can be cited for a sidewalk violation. A sidewalk citation can be given even if the pedestrian travel path is partly clear or if the vehicle is parked across a driveway. Sidewalks are the area between the curb and the building property line. Motorcycles are not exempt from sidewalk parking regulations. Bicycles can be parked on the sidewalk but their owners must ensure that the pedestrian path is safe and clear.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    The thing is that i don’t know where the property line is. I don’t know how DPT is supposed to know…

  3. Skitten says:

    Is this on masonic?

    An interesting thing I learnt at the community meetings about the masonic street-scaping project is that a lot of property owners there have also set up little ‘front yards’ and hedges separating driveways on what is actually City property on the sidewalk. But the City didn’t really seem to care.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    It’s close to Masonic. Probably Grove, i think

    I don’t know where the prop line starts on Masonic. The neighbors probably like the ambiguity. There are cars all over the place on Masonic sidewalks, of course…

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