If the San Francisco Examiner’s New Years Resolution was to become Thinner and Sexier in 2012, Well, Mission Accomplished

Uh, hey, has the San Francisco Examiner gotten, I don’t know, a lot thinner recently?

Oh yes.

And does it have, I don’t know, sexier photos?

Oh yes.

Here’s yesterday’s 20-page effort, or ten percent of it, anyway. An almost full-page horoscope and a giant precious metals ad. Hurray!

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Uh, could it be that last year’s Phillip Anschutz-owned Examiner was a better read than this year’s Examiner?

I mean, I saw the national editorial stuff in there all the time but I just scanned right through it, it didn’t bother me, I didn’t care.

But at least I had something else to read.

A couple of times recently I turned the pages of the New Examiner seven or so times thinking, seen it, seen it, horoscope, precious metals ad, and then that was it.



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