If You Donate to a San Francisco Food Bank, Your Donation Just Might End Up Being Resold on the Street at 7th and Market

Like this:

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Coincidentally, 7th and Market is the best place in the western United States to buy a stolen Apple iPhone.

Anyway, a few days ago, this crew was selling their black market goods on the north side of Market Street. But the SFPD took care of that, so now you need to travel to the south side of the intersection to obtain your Corn Flakes and Crispy Hexagons.


Reverse Angle:

On it goes in Mayor Ed Lee’s new and improved Mid Market Twitterloin.

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8 Responses to “If You Donate to a San Francisco Food Bank, Your Donation Just Might End Up Being Resold on the Street at 7th and Market”

  1. Camarografo says:

    Why isn’t the Asian community addressing this problem? It’s been going on for a few years now, and joking that it keeps grandma busy isn’t talking to the larger issue; it’s taking food from the neediest.

  2. Cap. Obvious says:

    I think these people get the handouts from local churches, and then turn around and sell them. Sad, sad….

  3. Michelle says:

    I think this title is misleading. The food bank probably gives out tons of food every year and a few poor ladies sell them. It’s not everyone. Also, frankly, if they are so poor that they are selling the food for money…maybe they need the money to pay rent or buy medicine? Clearly these are not wealthy people. Wealthy people don’t stand on line for food and then sit on a crappy corner trying to sell it for a few bucks.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Fair enough. I changed the title to “Just Might.” The original headline was argumentative, as intended.

    I’d say tons of food is the amount that gets wasted by these programs.

    I’d say they paying their rent through other means, assuming they pay rent at all.

    I didn’t say or imply that they are wealthy people. Those who sell stolen iPhones across the street aren’t wealthy either. So what.

  5. Ed Potter says:

    Whats more problematic? A few old Chinese ladies selling a few food items for $1, or alarmist articles like this one encouraging people not to donate to the food bank, which provides food to thousands in need everyday that DO NOT sell the food they get. You decide…

  6. sfcitizen says:

    Objection: Assuming facts not in evidence.

    And was anybody “alarmed” by this blog post, IRL? I don’t think so.

    Yes, “people” should not blindly donate to area food banks and then take the deduction saying job well done. Reform is needed, I’ve decided.

    Have you seen what goes on with the food that’s given out? I don’t think so.

  7. One Hung Low says:

    F*cking g*ddamn greedy Chinese. They should be prosecuted for this.

  8. KJ says:

    Being Chinese myself living in SF, I am well aware of what’s happening within the Chinese community. These old ladies are not poor and they are not desperate. They get checks from the government every month and plenty of them do not pay as high of a rent as the rest of San Francisco. These are the same people that spit and throw trash all over your sidewalks, sneak onto MUNI without paying on a daily basis and they are the ones that overturn your recycling bins and spill your trash all over the streets so they can dig out your bottles and cans to turn in for money. If they were as poor as people assume them to be, wouldn’t it make more sense to keep the food because they’re probably hungry rather than to sell it? They are simply greedy. This is very common knowledge within the community. I have no sympathy for these people.

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