Will the Real District Five Supervisor Christina Olague Please Stand Up? Meet Her Tonight at the D5 Democrats Meeting

Christina Olague, 2007:

Via Steve Rhodes – click to expand

Christina Olague, 2012, after helping the San Francisco Republican Party elect so-called “interim” Mayor Ed Lee to a four-year term through her efforts with the Rose Pak-backed Run Ed Run organization:

Via Mayor Ed Lee

Give me an “S!” 


Give me an “E!”


And so on.

Hey, you can meet her tonight at Martin Macks bar:

“D5DC is happy to announce that Supervisor Christina Olague, recently appointed District 5 Supervisor, will be joining the District 5 Democratic Club this Wednesday to discuss her priorities for our community this year! We are excited for this opportunity to meet and mingle with our new Supervisor. Please join us Wednesday!”

January 25, 2012 – 7pm-9pm
Martin Macks, 1568 Haight Street , San Francisco 
Join our event on Facebook!

Now, former Mayor Willie Brown contends that Christina has been allowed to vote against Mayor Ed Lee already, you know, so she’ll appear to have not become a sellout. Mmmmmm.

Either Ed Lee has made a mistake or C.O. is a sellout, it’s got to be one or the other.

We’ll see.

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5 Responses to “Will the Real District Five Supervisor Christina Olague Please Stand Up? Meet Her Tonight at the D5 Democrats Meeting”

  1. mikesonn says:

    Let’s see if she stands up for the Fell/Oak bike lanes that Lee just “delayed”.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Well I think it’s a done-deal – they’re coming in 2013, no matter what she says or does.

    I’m pleased that they decided to take out parking spaces, that they went with that option.

  3. Rob Anderson says:


    The city delayed the bike lanes because of the parking problem, which is serious in that neighborhood. Olague represents the worst of both worlds politically: she’s a supporter of Mayor Lee and otherwise her positions on issues—the bicycle fantasy, the Central Subway, dense development (UC extension, the Market/Octavia Plan, etc.—are identical to those of uber-prog Mirkarimi.

    And she’s the crudest of opportunists, abandoning the Green Party when it became fashionable to be a Democrat again, and then supporting Mayor Lee for mayor against her erstwhile prog political allies.

  4. mikesonn says:

    Parking is an issue because there aren’t residential parking permits for that area.

  5. George says:

    Guaranteed, 110%, to be a HUGE sellout.

    Run Ed Run put this City on the level of a banana republic, not that it was not there already…..

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