The Crazy Windmills of Pier 23 Plus Those “Free Leonard” Banners

What’s this big metal tower thing on the left?

Of course it’s not actually a windmill, but maybe it’s some kind of air exhaust for something underneath the streetcar tracks of the Embarcadero?

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Now, the “Free Leonard” tree banner, well, I think it’s this, but I remain baffled by that tower…

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One Response to “The Crazy Windmills of Pier 23 Plus Those “Free Leonard” Banners”

  1. Willy says:

    I actually emailed Muni asking what these were when they put these thing sup about five or six years ago. I was curious as they built them all along the F line and I’d just read an article about toxic gasses building up under large piers. They forwarded my email to some city department and I never got an answer. Perhaps this inspires a journalist…

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