How Long, on Average, Does The City of San Francisco Leave Vandalized Bikes in Front of Our Flagship Nordstrom Store?

Now, when I say vandalized, I mean partially stolen. (You see criminals these days don’t actually have the ability to easily steal an entire bicycle with a quickness, so they just take the parts that they want.)

Wheels, headsets, saddles, lights, brakes, cassettes, pedals, handlebars, shifters – they’re all fair game.

So the owners of the bikes come back to the remaining carcass and then say, “Screw it, I’m buying a car,” or whathaveyou.

And then the unusable bikes remain for days, weeks, and months.


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If our dysfunctional City can’t see its way clear to criminalize bike theft, couldn’t it at least haul away the abandoned bike carcasses promptly?

I mean, we’re supposed to be a “world-class City” or something, right?

So how many tens of thousands of tourists have seen this one bike while walking into City Centre mall?

Is that a good thing?

Just asking, Bro.

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