The Unbearable Lightness of Being CW Nevius: Chronicle Writer Changes His Position on the America’s Cup Once Again

Let’s see here, remember back when when it took three months for San Francisco Chronicle writer CW Nevius to pull a 180 on the original America’s Cup deal? Leave us review:

CW Nevius, the bleating sheep of San Francisco’s Animal Farm, seems to have had a change of heart about Larry Ellison’s one and only offer for us to pay for his little boat party in a few years.

You see, back in the day, a way back in September 2010, Chuckles thought the idea of San Francisco losing nine figures for the right to host the next America’s Cup, the concept called the “Southern Waterfront” proposal, was:

“…a wonderful opportunity without a downside.”

But now, less than three months later, the very same exact proposal has become:

“…an irresponsible giveaway and bad for San Francisco.”

Remember that? (You see, at the time The Neve was trying to frame in high relief the differences between two different proposals so that was his technique. Either he’s stupid or he thinks his readers are stupid. Or both.)

Anyway, since then, the AC13 people took Chuckie on a boat ride for him to witness a staged catamaran crash near the Marina so then he became fully “on board” with this venture. Let’s call him cheerleader number one for this aquatic boondoggle.

Here’s his latest position. I don’t know. The Chuckinator is starting to sound conflicted, once again.

Oh, I know, why don’t we just call the whole thing off, why not? It would teach certain people a lesson and we wouldn’t be mortgaging San Francisco’s future to Larry fucking Ellison. Sounds like a win-win to me.

And hey, do you think that CW benefits personally from SF hosting the America’s Cup? I think he does, just as he’s personally benefited from eight(!) Olympiads.

Here we go:

“I would just add this. I covered eight Olympic Games. In nearly every case, there were huge problems with the host cities – bitter feelings, angry denunciations and threats of revenge. But on the day of the Opening Ceremony, all was forgiven.”

Really, all was forgiven? Really? Aren’t the people of Greece, for example, still suffering from the effects of the 1996 Olympics? I think so. Don’t you know that Chuckles?

The Olympics are corruption, simply stated. And America’s Cup is corruption. Same deal.

But at least people actually seem to be interested in the Olympics.

Oh well.

“The animals who inhabit the Manor Farm are mistreated and abused. The animals rebel and take over. Soon, however, the pigs (who represent the party bosses) begin to take special privileges for themselves, e.g. extra food. They enlist the farm’s dogs as enforcers to put down any dissent, and they teach the sheep to speak the party line on demand. At first, this is, “Four legs good, two legs bad”– animals (four legs) are good, humans (exploiters) are bad. As time passes, the Seven Commandments (Animal Farm’s Constitution) undergo subtle changes as the pigs rewrite it to suit their own agenda. When Boxer the horse (symbolizing blue-collar labor, the “workers,”) becomes too old to work, the pigs sell him to the horse butcher, whom they tell the other animals is really the veterinarian. The pigs eventually learn to walk on two legs, thus imitating the animals’ original exploiters, and they teach the sheep to bleat, “Four legs good, two legs better!”

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