Rose Pak Melts Down at Chinese New Year Parade – Wants to Attack “D.A.’s Crotch” with Firecracker – Channeling Jabba the Hut

Well it appears as if Robin Wilkey and Aaron Sankin have beat me to the punch with their post about Chinatown power broker Rose Pak’s 2012 performance at the terminus of San Francisco’s annual semi-official, semi-corrupt Chinese New Year Parade.

Their vid is much better than mine, which is from earlier in her routine.

Here Rose channels Jabba the Hut by haranguing “Solo,” whoever that is:

I have her George Gascon quote a little different* at, “I want to light a firecracker under the D.A.’s crotch!”

Whatever that means.

On it goes…

*Maybe she brought up this topic more than once, I don’t know.

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