Mayor Ed Lee’s San Francisco Can Afford to Plant Trees But Can’t Afford to Take Care of Them – The Notice You Don’t Want to See

Uh oh:


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Hey DPW, didn’t your leader get his job from Ed Lee by committing election fraud back during the Willie Brown administration? I think so! Three corrupt administration in a row, what are the odds of that happening? It’s almost like we have a “City Family” or something. 

Anyway, hey DPW, what’s with this, don’t you want to take care of your trees?

Most street trees in San Francisco are maintained by fronting property owners who, through their stewardship, are
doing their part to keep this critical aspect of the city’s infrastructure maintained. There are, however, more than
35,000 street trees that are the maintenance responsibility of the city. In order to sustain a healthy urban forest,
the Department of Public Works is proposing to standardize maintenance responsibility such that, in general,
property owners will be responsible for the maintenance of street trees in the public right of way.

Hey, DPW, what the fuck does that mean? Are you saying you can afford to pay six-figure pay packages to the average City worker, but you can’t afford to do your job anymore?

“DPW does not have the resources to prune and maintain trees at a frequency recommended by tree care industry
experts. Over the past years, DPW has had to help balance the budget through cost saving measures by protecting
core services. The current budget includes a tree crew (equivalent to about 10 arborists) that are responsible for
maintaining street trees and responding to tree calls and requests from the public. Currently, DPW maintains
40,000 of the 100,000 street trees and responds to more than 3,700 calls every year. During the storm season, the
department can receive up to 600 calls a week!”

Oh, I see.

Hey, thanks DPW! I’ll pay $1000 a year to take care of your useless tree, no problem.

Hey DPW, do you need some gas money or anything? Drop by anytime and I’ll loan my credit card.

DPW, you so crazy!

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