Uh, Do 20 or So Bay Area Law Enforcement Agencies Meet in Secret Each Month? Yes, They’re Called the “Neptune Coalition”

Read the news and turn the pages:

The Neptune Coalition is composed of 15 participating Bay Area Law Enforcement Agencies and is a cooperative effort to enhance the safety and security…”

Let me tell you something:

I am no stranger in your town/

And Rasta seed is all around

And yet, I ain’t never heard of no monthly meetings of no “Neptune Coalition.” 

Is this their former domain name?

I’m intrigued:

One of the 9/11 Commission’s major findings was the need to improve sharing terrorism related information across government lines. And, there has been a shift from “need to know” to a “responsibility to provide” paradigm. While MDA has no room for turf wars, sharing information has moved to the forefront of relations between commercial shipping operations and governmental entities. The “Neptune Coalition” in San Francisco Bay, which is comprised of 20 federal, state, and local law enforcement and response agencies, meets regularly and shares information is an example of best practices in the MDA.”

Why doesn’t somebody look into this and report back to tout le monde? 

Oh, and when you’re done with that assignment, start working on what the “Trident Coalition” is all aboot, eh?

I’m srsly, the melon-farming Trident Coalition.

Here you go, I’ll get you started, with a little tidbit from the Port of Oakland:

Port Security:
• Area Maritime Security Plan (AMSP)
• Trident Coalition
• Neptune Coalition

It’s like I’m the Man from Mars, it’s like I don’t know anything.

Maybe I am a stranger in your town.

And Rasta seed is not all around…

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5 Responses to “Uh, Do 20 or So Bay Area Law Enforcement Agencies Meet in Secret Each Month? Yes, They’re Called the “Neptune Coalition””

  1. Dave D. says:

    …You weren’t supposed to mention this at all………..

  2. Dave D. says:

    …I’ve talked to the Commissioner and we may find a place for you in Pakistan….but…….you must never mention this again. It’s the best deal you’ll get…………

  3. Dave D. says:

    …Extreme prejudice…that’s the words he used……….I’m sorry. Don’t worry, somebody else will take over S.F. Citizen……It’s too good a website to fail. But……..it won’t be you……………..Res Ipsa Loquitur.

    …But Buddy, you took some great Parrot pictures……..

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Well, you know, I think they could talk to a reporter or two every now and then…

  5. Dave D. says:

    …Not if they want to keep their secret squirrel stuff secret. Reporters are spy’s and most of them work for the other side……The Dark side.

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