Oh My! Kamala Harris and London Breed Both Oppose District Five’s Accidental Supervisor Christina Olague, a Sellout Progressive

California Attorney General Kamala Harris and future District 5 Supervisor London Breed: Whoa!

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Until London Breed takes over, District 5 will have to make do with Sellout Supervisor Christina Olague.

Uh, what has the Sellout Supervisor done lately, you know, asides from running the bogus Run Ed Run campaign for Ed Lee and then getting appointed by Ed Lee?

It looks like she spends time defending her decision to sell out and doing what Ed Lee tells her to do.

Is Christina Olague the stupidest Supervisor since, I don’t know, Michela Alioto Pier? It sure looks that way, so far.

Let’s let her articulate herself:

“…begins a conversation.

it’s just time to have a conversation about it.

So I think there needs to be a conversation

I think it starts a conversation

I’m willing to start the conversation

then it can start the conversation.

So I think the conversation will start”

Why would you make the same fucking point the same fucking way seven times in two minutes? I mean, unless you’re on meth or something.

Moving on…

Mmmm, let’s see here, when’s the last time a sitting San Francisco Supervisor lost election?

That’s right, it was just after the last time a Latina got appointed to the Board. Remember?

Anyway, here’s a partial list of the people who don’t approve of Christina Olague being the Sellout Supervisor:

Kamala Harris, California Attorney General*
Rachel Norton, San Francisco Board of Education Member*
Netsanet Alemayehu, Fillmore Small Business Owner & Resident
Jarie Bolander, Past-President, North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association*
Gwyneth Borden, Commissioner, San Francisco Planning Commission*
Kimberly Brandon, Commissioner, San Francisco Port Commission*
Raven Brooks, Executive Director, Netroots Nation*
Reverend Amos Brown, Pastor, Third Baptist Church*
Juan Cerda, Board Member, Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club*
Francee Covington, former SFRA Commissioner* & Hayes Valley resident*
Sheryl Davis, Director, Mo Magic*
David Dupree, Member, Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association*
Roma Guy, Co-founder, The Women’s Building*
Margot Frey, Board Member, Alamo Square Neighborhood Association*
Melonie Green, Member, Lower Haight Merchants & Neighborhood Association*
Melorra Green, Member, Lower Haight Merchants & Neighborhood Association*
Richard Hashimoto, President, Japantown Merchants Association*
Andrea Jadwin, Co-President, Inner Sunset Neighborhood Association*
Mike Kim, former President, San Francisco Young Democrats*
Ted Loewenberg, President, Haight Ashbury Improvement Association*
Dr. Joseph Marshall, San Francisco Police Commission*
Larry Mazzola, Sr., Business Manager, UA Local 38
Larry Mazzola, Jr., President, Asst. Business Manager, UA Local 38
Renel Brooks-Moon, Broadcaster*
Sandy Mori, Senior Service Advocate
Thomas P. O’Connor, President, San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798*
Lateefah Simon, former Executive Director, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights*
Karen Weinstein, former Chair, Women’s Caucus of the CA Democratic Party*
Brenda Wright, Commissioner, San Francisco Retirement Commission*
Plumbers and Pipefitters, UA Local 38

And what’s the response? This is just about the only thing she’s done so far. (Note which district the Gold Dust Lounge isn’t in.)

Anyway, Christina Olague will have trouble winning election this autumn.

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