Non “Non-Practicing Lawyer” Ivory Madison Finally Gets Her Chance to Weigh In on the Ross Mirkarimi Case

And, boy is she pissed.

Let’s start. Who’s line is this, who’s ideas are these?

My next-door neighbor, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, should resign immediately based on his actions on the afternoon of Dec. 31 and during the legal proceedings that followed.

Well, I think he just apologized on both of those scores. Just yesterday, right?

And here, here’s some more:

screamed, profanities, attacked, inflicting, large, bruise, terrified, crying…

Wow, use your words, Ivory! You go girl.

Now, is Red Room a “demanding social media startup?” I don’t know, how old is it? Does it make money? I don’t know.

Ivory unwittingly became a key witness in this case.

Yep. Using a pay phone instead of an iPhone might have helped on this score. And “unwittingly? Apparently.

And then it’s blah blah blah about the case that just ended yesterday.

(If only Ivory Madison had a few contacts and interested investors in the worlds of media and  SFGov…)

Oh, hey, remember that whole attorney-client privilege thing? And remember when somebody said that Ivory was telling people that she was a California attorney? Hey, was that under oath or something? Hey, was it true?

Awww, there’s no answer on that score.

Now, instead of all this, why not work on proving that Ross Mirkarimi is a insincere liar starting from yesterday morning? You know, from the exact same time he apologized for all the things you’re complaining about. That would sink Ross, right there. Off you go…

And why not take the bar exam? You could pass it if you applied yourself. And you passed the baby bar already, right?

Just a thought…

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5 Responses to “Non “Non-Practicing Lawyer” Ivory Madison Finally Gets Her Chance to Weigh In on the Ross Mirkarimi Case”

  1. mark says:

    Pretty funny dialog in here. Let me see if I can summarize what I’ve heard about ‘Ivory Madison’:

    – Couldn’t pass the bar
    – Lied about being an attorney
    – Former head of NOW in New Orleans
    – Using Ross Mirkarimi as a chance to get her ’15 minutes’
    – Doesn’t care who she hurts as long as they spell Ivory correctly

    …like many of you liberals reading this, Ivory is another dilletante more interested in her own fame than the lives of real people. She has already proven she’s a loser. Now she’s a FAMOUS loser.

    – from a guy who can’t stand Ross either.

  2. Cap. Obvious says:

    How much were you paid to trash this couple? Ross must have deep pockets….

  3. sfcitizen says:


  4. Little Girl says:

    I have known Ivory for many years, I know ALL of the facts in the case and can tell you she is a fame whore, strictly in this for one thing to get a name for herself and to make money, that it, doesn’t matter who she screws in the process. It’s all about money and if anyone thinks differently you are completely ignorant of the facts. Like Mark wrote in his post, she is just a famous loser now and that’s it.

  5. Exboyfriend of ivory says:

    I dated ivory for a few months back in the 1990’s. I don’t know anything about this case, but I know ivory and she is a very crazy feminist activist. She used to tell me endless stories about the evils of men and there abuse of women. She could be very funny and charming, she loved getting in the media and she was very creative with the truth. The drama around her was too much for me.

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