The Sainted New York Times Discovers San Francisco’s Corrupt Twitterloin: “Western SoMa Area of San Francisco Is Resurgent”

Leave us begin:

“NEAR the corner of Mission and Seventh Streets in San Francisco on a recent Sunday, a woman and her 30-something son sidestepped two scruffy men passed out against the side of a building. “This is where the restaurant is?” she asked skeptically, turning to her son, who was taking her to brunch at the recently opened AQ (1085 Mission; 415-341-9000;”


“AQ stands for ‘as quoted’”

Now I’m on the trolley – thanks for hepping me, writer Bonnie Tsui.

But, IRL, this current Mid Market resurgence dates back to the “sharply discounted office space” given to former Mayor Gavin Newsom, does it not? Actually, I think I read about it in the aforementioned New York Times.

Isn’t it ironic?

Dontcha think?

Ah, Market Street:

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Anyway, here are the others namechecked:

De la Paz Coffee Roaster (1081 Mission Street; 415-525-4344;

Cocktail Bill Boothby Center for the Beverage Arts (1161 Mission Street, Suite 120; 415-967-1891;

Huckleberry Bicycles (1073 Market Street; 415-484-6575;

All right, see you in the resurgent Mid-Market, when I’m not vacationing from San Francisco in the bleak Outer Sunset

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3 Responses to “The Sainted New York Times Discovers San Francisco’s Corrupt Twitterloin: “Western SoMa Area of San Francisco Is Resurgent””

  1. jeff says:

    i dunno, i think it’s kind of bringing divergent cultures together

  2. Bluoz says:

    Mid Market propaganda campaign continues…

    the great Mid market revival is in the news again and it’s followed by even more stunning ignorance This is the one subject in San Francisco where most the of comments point out this ignorance. You just can’t fool people with this shockingly blatant …

  3. Bluoz says:

    crackheads of the day #59…

    Yet more Tenderloin Housing Clinic residents and Randy Shaw’s clients doing the crack thing in Mid Market, behind 1035 market The only thing about Mid Market that people are confused about is where this crap is coming from and the extent to which Rand…

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