I Am Become Rob Anderson, #2: So This is How They Restriped the Bike Lanes of JFK Jr. Drive in Golden Gate Park?

Please point me to something else in the world what looks like this, on JFK westbound in front of the Conservatory of Flowers.

Here’s what you do, you get a car and then drive west from Stanyan.* And then you think, “Why is my body closer to the left side of the road than the right?”

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Simply, this is a mess.

Could maybe a traffic engineer take a look at this design? You know, at some point?

Note the absence of a stop line for bikes next to the stop sign. I think that’s on purpose…

Oh well.

*Speaking of Stanyan and JFK Drive, there needs to be a traffic signal at the east end of JFK where it intersects with Kezar Drive. Maybe someday…

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3 Responses to “I Am Become Rob Anderson, #2: So This is How They Restriped the Bike Lanes of JFK Jr. Drive in Golden Gate Park?”

  1. tahoejoe says:

    They should just take out the stop signs so both the cars and the bikes don’t have to stop.

  2. Alai says:

    Why is it important which side of the road your body is closer to?

    Maybe give it more than three days before condemning it?

    I don’t think the stop sign is particularly useful either. The important thing is for vehicles not to crash into other vehicles, and for pedestrians to cross safely and easily. Requiring people to stop there is pointless 95% of the time. Worse yet is the stop sign on JFK east of the DeYoung, where the rose garden is, which only exists for the sake of a crosswalk. Most of the time as you’re approaching, there’s obviously no one there, yet you’re still required to stop.

    If people would just drive slowly and yield to pedestrians, none of the stop signs would be necessary. I know, I know, it’s a tall order. Still, the parking lanes being moved closer to the travel lanes might help in this regard–one of the reasons high-speed driving was a problem was the fact that the travel lanes were a good 20 feet wide, encouraging people to speed.

  3. sfcitizen says:

    Well, why don’t change our traffic lights so that green means stop and red means go? Who’s going to outreach German tourists about our unorthodox lane striping?

    No, no. This restriping will end up injuring people, just as the poorly-design Octavia Boulevard does. The time to condemn is now.

    The powers that be don’t want drivers cutting through GGP, hence the newish stop signs.

    The prior striping was somewhat absurd as well, IMO.

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