San Francisco’s Pedestrians are Horrible – Here’s Why: They Generally Enter Crosswalks Either Too Early or Too Late

Do you know the rules of being a pedestrian? Most people don’t. Most people think, and not without good reason, that:


But this is a false statement.

Peds, you can’t go across crosswalks:

1. Too Fast (that means no running into a crosswalk);

2. Too Slow (that means you can’t hang out and stand around or do jumping jacks or whathaveyou);

3. Too Early (that means you have to let the intersection clear of cars bikes buses etc EVEN IF YOUR LIGHT JUST TURNED GREEN – I’m srsly, it’s The Law in California); or

4. Too Late (that means when you see the red DON’T WALK signal flashing or you see a yellow light shining, basically)

Here’s a recent example of too late, on Market Street.

Do you see? The cyclist, who stopped properly at his stop line on outbound Market in the Financh, had the time to to wait for his green and make it across the intersection only to be blocked by these sauntering peds. Why? Because they entered their crosswalk too late, that’s why. (Do you think the SFPD officer camera left stopped to hand out citations? No, why would he, it’s not really his job to give out tickets to late-night peds. Also, note where the cyclist’s left hand is, stuck out as a warning.)

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This kind of thing is the reason why each San Francisco car vs. ped death so far in 2012 has been the fault of the pedestrian him or herself.

And yet, the only solution San Francisco’s governmental and quasi-governmental organizations have to offer for ped death is infrastructure “improvement.” It’s the only implement in their toolbox.

Oh well.

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2 Responses to “San Francisco’s Pedestrians are Horrible – Here’s Why: They Generally Enter Crosswalks Either Too Early or Too Late”

  1. Alai says:

    Oh, bullcrap. Yes, our laws are written to favor motorists over pedestrians. Does that mean it’s the pedestrian’s fault for getting killed?

    Are you really suggesting that setting out across the street with a red “15” on the countdown somehow means that it’s open season on the person by anyone making a legal turn?

    So the biker had to go around some “sauntering peds”. I don’t see the problem here. We’re talking about a delay of what– 3 seconds?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Yes, pads are at fault for getting killed. It’s a 100% ped at-fault rate so far this year, car vs. ped-wise.

    This was probably more like a red “2”

    The bike didn’t go around. He put his foot down and signaled me and the cop.

    The delay was longer than that. The problem is that peds don’t “always have the right of way.”

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