Breaking the Code: Blue Handicap Placards are for Luxury Cars and Red Handicap Placards are for Regular Cars

See? The brand-new Mercedes Benz and the Lexus have blue placards but the Honda has to make do with just a red placard.

Financial District, San Francisco:

Why is it that every brand new Mercedes parked in San Francisco’s Financial District has a blue handicap placard hanging from the rear view? Are these things like a no-cost option or something?

The fact that no California physician has ever been disciplined in the slightest for improperly signing the DMV form in the history of the state puts a lot of pressure on area doctors. Everybody knows that they won’t get caught. It’s like all the doctor needs to do is write down his or her name once and that will earn said doctor a fan for life.

A long healthy life.

In a new Mercedes Benz.

With an improperly-gotten handicap placard.

Hurray! Free parking. For life!

And when those downtown core congestion charges come, then free driving. For life!


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4 Responses to “Breaking the Code: Blue Handicap Placards are for Luxury Cars and Red Handicap Placards are for Regular Cars”

  1. Alai says:

    If it’s any consolation, it probably won’t excuse them from congestion charges. Garages charge regardless of handicap status, and as far as I know the reason there’s no charge at meters is that meters are not handicapped-accessible, and that there’s no way to put six hours of money on a two-hour meter (since handicapped people are exempt from the time limit, if not the fee itself). EG:

    Really, the way to fix this is to install accessible meters (which allow long-term parking) and remove the immunity. Will it happen? Doubtful, but then again it is pretty unpopular…

  2. Cap. Obvious says:

    Even if the meters are made handicapped accessible, there are separate blue zones where these scofflaws will park at will.

    But you know why the meters haven’t been fixed? Because the biggest abusers of handicapped placards are City officials themselves.

  3. Newb says:

    The abuse is disgusting, but since I cant change it, I’m just going to go get one myself.

    FWIW: the red ones are temporary, meaning that parking enforcement must look closer at the expiration date than the blue ones.

  4. SFC says:

    Yeah, I’d get one myself just to show how easy it is to do, but I think I’d have to lie, so that wouldn’t be good…

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