How the SFPD Can Tell You’re Sleeping in Your Car on the Streets of San Francisco

All right, let’s see here.

Hint #1 is the way your ride is sitting on its haunches like a dog, like you removed the engine and put it in the trunk. Like you and your bud have flopped down the back seats to turn your Subie into a rolling motel, right near Haight- Ashbury.

Hint #2 is the way your ride, unlike the others on the block, is all fogged up inside because you refuse to crack your windows a bit because you don’t want people coming into your car at night to get at you or your collection of contraband / stolen goods / lifestyle accessories what’s also tucked away in the back of your red Subie.

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Now the cops of the Haight might not mess with you or anything, you know, ’cause they have bigger fish to fry, but they knows what you’re up to.

They knows.

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