Parking Your Motorcycle on the Sidewalk: It’s Your Right as a San Franciscan

Or not – you could very easily get a ticket for this kind of thing.

But if you live here a while, you’ll learn when it’s OK to do bad things. You know, like double-parking next to a church on the Lord’s Day.

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But if you’re a visitor you end up with parking tickets.

Or you end up getting shot in the head like that German tourist lady when she was near the Tenderloin.

Or you end up getting run over by a drunk driver like that German tourist guy when he was on Masonic.

It’s tough not knowing the rules and customs of insular San Francisco.

Oh well.

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One Response to “Parking Your Motorcycle on the Sidewalk: It’s Your Right as a San Franciscan”

  1. Bill says:

    The current state is an informal agreement that arose out of a change in CA law that increased the fine for parking on the sidewalk. CA law treats all vehicles the same, thus the fine for a bike on the sidewalk is the same as a car ($105) despite that bikes have a much smaller footprint and can be parked out of the way (if the rider isn’t a dick). Though DPT was open to the idea that bikes were less of a problem than cars, their hands were tied about the state law. The informal agreement is that DPT will not actively hunt bikes on sidewalks that are reasonably/politely parked but will ticket if someone calls.
    More history here:

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